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Journal Chacham's Journal: Poll: Which line is more beautiful, straight or curved? 10

Here's a strange question i've been asking people lately. Which is more beautiful, a (perfectly) straight line or a (perfectly) curved line? After getting an answer, the follow-up question is "Why?"

I've gotten intesting answers so far. My brother liked the curved line, not sure why. I liked the curved line better. I like a perfectly straight line because it has no blemish (thus *perfectly* straight). A curved likes *looks* like it should be not perfect (it isn't straight), yet it is a perfect curve. The contradiciton adds great pleasure.

One friend liked the straight line better simply because the curved line isn't straight. Another liked them both equally because they were each equally beautiful in their own way, yet he he may have liked the curved line better because it's perfection is more complex. And, one other person liked the curved line better. Asked why, he answered probably because so many beautiful things in life are curved, for example, the shore line, and seeing a curve reminds us of that.

Which do you like better? And, mnore importantly, why?

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Poll: Which line is more beautiful, straight or curved?

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  • a curved line by itself is more interesting to me than a lone straight line. but "curved line" is very open, and there are particular curved lines i can think of that would not be more beautiful than a straight line, even if they were more interesting. this is why context is important. there are times when a straight line is more appropriate than a curved line. context decides which works better in any given situation. it's also important to consider context because people usually don't look at things
  • I find curved lines more pleasing to the eye than straight lines. I'm sure the eye has an easier time deciding if a line approaches perfection than if a curve does, but for this, I'll presume that we're comparing forms that are almost perfectly formed. I like well formed curves better than well formed lines.

    What I mean by 'perfect' or 'well formed' is: it doesn't matter if you can describe a formula to expresses the curve, it only matter that the curve appears to be self-consistent. For example: imagine
  • Mathematically, a curve can still be viewed as a straight line by extending your space a dimension. A straight line can never be curved unless you axis are non-linearly measured.

    Why yes, I *do* have a math degree ;)
  • I think you left out the most important lines of all. Where would we be without Zig-Zag lines? How would we cut wood? What would we use for keys? How would we drive around pot-holes?

    I demand your poll be updated to include this all important choice.
  • I would have to point out that, in mathematics, a line is straight by definition. However, Merriam-Webster disagrees, calling it "a straight or curved geometric element that is generated by a moving point and that has extension only along the path of the point."

    So much for making an intelligent point...

    Anyway, I prefer straight, because the formulas are simpler. More math major bias.

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