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Journal Chacham's Journal: Slashdot Habits: profanity filter musings and updates 14

So, my profanity filter is doing what i want it to do. That is, foe people who speak in a such a way that i choose not to see, and give them a -6 modifier. This way i don't see them again, yet they can comment here should they choose to. It's crude, but it works.

An issue that seems to be is people think one of two things. One, that i foe them because i disagree with them. Two, they don't like being foed. Number one isn't true, but, i fear, people believe that because they *want* to believe that, so i'm not sure i could do anything to change it. Although, i am open to suggestions. As for number two, i had an idea. Make a user called "Chacham's profanity filter", or the like, and have that user friend everybody who i want as foes. Then, foe him, and -6 all friends of foes. That way, i could "friend" them to filter them. Neat idea, ain't it? :)

So, i just checked, but there are no friend of foe modifiers. Oh well. :( I don't want to use friend of friend for that, because i have people marked as friends so i can up them to +6 and see their JEs. Though, being i hardly ever read anyone's JEs (their titles rarely interest me), it is not that important. Then, i could simply reverse the order, and foe my friends, and friend my foes. I don't think the friends would mind, since they "know" it's a joke (except for newly foed friends), and the foe would be friended. Then, simply, i could +6 foes, and -6 friends. That sounds radical, but it just may work. That and turn off "new journal" messages, and i'll be set. Hmm...

On another note, i've been reading the stories via email at the end of the day. Usually two stories per day interest me enough to check out the comments, which is set at +5 (and lowered in some cases, such as where there are not enough +5 comments (<10) or i really want to see more), although, last week i seem to have had more than one day where i looked at more than three stories. Now it's just a matter of figuring out if /. stories are getting more interesting, or if it is just a reflection of my mood that day.

The games section is odd. I want to turn it off so i don't see messages about what is the latest review of some game. But, seemingly, there is some actual news there. Perhaps they should separate it into three subsections, announcements, reviews, and rumors.

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Slashdot Habits: profanity filter musings and updates

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