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Journal Chacham's Journal: Question: Help editting a PDF file. 9

Someone has a form in PDF format. He has Acrobat Reader and types in his business address before printing it. He asked me to help him save his address. It would seen that he needs Acrobat for that, but it would be quite expensive for one form. So, i'm looking for ideas, or someone with Acrobat that is willing to edit the form with an address.

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Question: Help editting a PDF file.

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  • This is a printer driver that writes PDFs. It's not free, but it might cost significantly less than Acrobat. If you want to mail me the form and some data to print in it, I would be glad to try it out for you (it's installed by default on my work machine).
  • Acrobat Reader should let you save the PDF with your forms filled out. Does this not work? If so, the PDF is probably protected and couldn't be edited through normal means in Acrobat anyway... Do you want to make the form text part of the actual form?
    • After filling it in, it was saved and reopened, and the data was not there. The form is from the state. How does one check if it is "protected"?

      Since the address is always put in, it would be nice to make it part of the form, to save the typing.
  • Send me an e-mail with the PDF and instructions on what you need changed and I will see what I can do.

  • You might try liberating a copy of Adobe Acrobat from KaZaa. Just a thought. I mean, no one has to know, right, right? *puts on trenchcoat and groucho moustache*
    • Well, i am not always averse to it, if it passes my rule. But here, i stand to make some money off of getting it done, and i would like any business that i do to be perfectly legitimate.

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