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Journal Chacham's Journal: Question: How to read a laptop screen outside 3

Lately, i've been going to the park with a laptop, to enjoy the sun and get some work done. However, even when the back of the laptop is facing the sun, i have a very hard time seeing the screen. I can squint and see it, but i was wondering why that was the case, and wha could be done about it.

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Question: How to read a laptop screen outside

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  • Whether you're facing towards the sun or away from it, you'll have difficulty: either reflected glare, or the sun shining in your eyes. Turning sideways combines both problems...

    The best answer seems to be finding somewhere shaded, so there isn't any direct sunlight (under a tree, beside a building, whatever). Not as warm, and less tan, but the screen's readable. Depending where you are, the "less warm" may be a feature rather than a bug ;-)

  • There are hoods that block the sun. They fold up so you can keep them in your laptop bags. I use a hood with my 3" LCD video monitor during kite photography sessions when I need it. It works very well even in bright light. Here is one I found for laptops [].

    Some laptops, though, just don't have a screen bright enough to read outside under any circumstances. There are some companies that can replace the backlight or the screen with brighter units, but it will severely cut into your battery life.

    The solution t

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