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Journal Chacham's Journal: News: Bar sues underage drinkers that got them busted. 7

Bars sue underage drinkers that got them busted and fined. Story can be found here. I'm happy they are doing this. Since i find most of this to be a joke, the kids are realizing that they cannot use fake ids and think nothing of it. If you join the "game" you have to be ready for the consequences.

The bars are somwhat at fault, since they could do a better job. However, the students are not exactly being honest with them. If the kids were cops, wouldn't that be enticement?

The msot disturbing line in the article is, "If you are going to make money off a dangerous product". Alcohol is now a "dangerous" product. I thought we rid that ridiculosity in the 30s.

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News: Bar sues underage drinkers that got them busted.

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  • Making a fake ID that will get you into a bar is pretty easy. All you need is a scanner, good quality color printer, hologram from the DMV, and a driver's license from someone who is 21.

    If you scan in your driver's license and use photoshop to change the birthdate, then peel the back off an existing ID, then laminate it all with a hologram stolen from the DMV and you have an ID that will work anywhere. It's very hard to tell that these are fake unless you look very closely at them. They will scan correctly

    • Somehow I am failing to understand how stealing a laminate from the DMV classifies as "pretty easy." I would not imagine that they keep them all that accessible. Here in Texas, the licenses are all made in a central location and mailed to the recipients. They are also not laminated.
      • In Kansas the licenses are made on site at each DMV office. You get one about five minutes after you pass your driver's license test. I don't know how well they secure the holograms, but I have heard people say they can get one for $50. I haven't ever looked to see if they're real, and never bothered to ask anyone if they had bought one.
  • "...And just because they were negligent, I don't think I should have to pay."

    Right. Because you used an ID that was so realistic that the bar was unable to detect that it was fake and let you in, then that bar lost its license because of your actions, you're not to blame at all.

    This ranks right up there with "It's not stealing when I download MP3s because I didn't actually take anything."

  • Forgery itself is a crime. Shouldn't they be not only sued, but also prosecuted criminally?
    • Alcohol is now a "dangerous" product.

    Spell it out with me now.

    L-I-V-E-R D-A-M-A-G-E


    Or have you NOT noticed the smelly old wineos who litter the sides of the fine streets of this (and just about every other. . . .) country?
  • I've checked ID's at a club before. Some fakes are easy to spot, some are hard. We even had the scanners that will read the magnetic strips and tell the bouncer the age encoded on the card. But if the strip won't read, doesn't mean that you can't get in, it just means I have to look at it the old fasion way.

    At least in california, the person serving the drink is the one that takes the blame, legally. Even if I checked the ID at the door and passed the person in, the bartender/waitress gets the fine for

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