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Journal Chacham's Journal: News: Another star (HD41004) has been found 1

In other news, A star has been found

A new star, named HD41004, has been discovered - and Arutz-7 talked with one of those who found it, Astronomy Prof. Tzvi Mazeh of Tel Aviv University. In addition to the star, Mazeh said, a planet and a Brown Dwarf [a body formed from gas, like a star, but more like a planet in that it does not give off its own light - ed. note] were also found around the star. The distance from Earth: more than 100 light-years from here.

Asked by Arutz-7's Haggai Segal how it is that the system was not discovered until now, Prof. Mazeh explained, "Planets around other stars and suns are very hard to discover, because they are very far and very dim compared to the light being given off around it. It's like trying to find a little spark around a 2-million watt projector light..."

So how did he do it? "First of all," Prof. Mazeh said, "it wasn't just me. Our international team, including Dr. Shai Tzucker, who is listed first on the paper we are writing, did it together. We took the data of the star that we painstakingly amassed with the best telescopes in the world, and analyzed the data with a special system that we developed here. We then found that the sun had moved a little - evidence that there was a planet next to it."

Prof. Mazeh said that some of the newly-discovered planets are not at all like Earth: "For instance, we can discover new planets only if they are very large - the size of Jupiter. In our solar system, these large planets are very far from the sun, while the new large planets are very close to their suns. The temperature there is over 1,000 degrees Centigrade."

.Interesting. Does this has any effect on people? The study is nice and i am not complaining about it, but how does this affect us?

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News: Another star (HD41004) has been found

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  • Do you mean if it changes my life? No, not much really. But I feel affected by it because it interests me. Much like a Bill Nye or Good Eats episode, I feel more a part of the universe when I know what is going on in it.

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