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Journal Chacham's Journal: Bowling: Lightness is better than fingers fitting. 6

Went bowling yesterday. As usually, spent some time looking for a ball with large enough finger-holes, that were not too far apart. I found one or two, but they were fourteen-pounders. And then, as usual, there was the low score.

Later frame, the the ball didn't come back. So, i used someone else's ball, my fingers didn't fit, but the ball was light as a feather. I did well. Thought it was a fluke.

Again, another time, the ball got stuck after getting a gutter. I used the other ball again. The next four frames were strike, strike, strike, three, spare. Needless to say, i used the other ball the rest of the game, and got probably my highest score ever, 139.

Moral of the story? In bowling, weight is more important than fingers fitting.

Hmm... The hole thing is to be taken lightly, i guess.

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Bowling: Lightness is better than fingers fitting.

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  • Yes, weight is a huge issue. You want one light enough to not give you trouble to throw, but heavy enough to get through the pins without bouncing off (other than your standard static collision physics).

    Finger holes are for comfort, and if you set them right can help a spin (if you want one). Best bet? Buying a ball. But unless you bowl more than once a month, its a hefty investment (around $100).
  • by sebi ( 152185 ) *

    Congratulations are in order, I think. I don't get bowling at all. Why can I sometimes throw two strikes in a row followed by completely messing up the next throws. I am a bit of a wuss and therefore I need the lightest ball that might slide of my fingers. Some friends of mine put index and middle fingers into the holes. I use middle and ring finger. Is there a preferred way of doing things?

    But any score over 100 is plenty impressive to me. I think the last time I was bowling (nearly a year ago) I was happ

    • by Chacham ( 981 ) *
      I believe the preference in middle and ring fingers, with the thumb leading the way. That would seem the best way to control direction.
    • by Saige ( 53303 )
      Some friends of mine put index and middle fingers into the holes. I use middle and ring finger. Is there a preferred way of doing things?

      You want to put your middle and ring fingers in the holes. The point is to have the your hand centered in comparison to your grip - if you use the index and middle fingers, the ball tends to rest more on the side of your hand, and it is tougher to control.

      As a comparison, I've known people that would bowl with 6 pound balls for fun occasionally - they'd use their index
  • When bowling, your ideal goal is to use a ball as heavy as you can control. Yes, the finger grip comes into play there - if you're choosing from house balls, a heavier ball with badly fitting fingers just can't and won't cut it. You'll have to focus enough on just keeping a hold of the ball that you can't do much else with it. So yes, if you feel you have more control of a lighter ball, go with it.

    For those who bowl regularly (sadly, I haven't done it in years, plan to start again soon), control is a sm

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