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Journal Chacham's Journal: Movie: Terminator 3 Comments. (Spoilers) 1

Well, i saw T3, and was rather dissapointed. It progressed the Terminator story line, but did little in being believeable or even wowing.

First and foremost they had a female terminator. That makes no sense. Until then terminators were male, probably based on original human design. After that, the terminator should not be human at all! If wondering about infiltration, for one, she wasn't built for that, and two, she can change shape anyway.

On top of that, they tried making her sexy. Which means that even the producers realized the movie was going to be so bad, they had to rely on such things for revenue. Also, she pumped up part of her body for no reason. Finally, licking the blood fopr a DNA scan is ridiculous being everything else is with her hand. And *slowly*, that was just made no sense.

Anyway, the terminators in this movie made little sense. Although she got the movements down well, she had to turn her head to control things. For an advanced computer like that it seems silly. Then, she is so much stronger than everyone else, one wonders why she couldn't just withstand impact, or at least melt that part of her body. All in all the T1000 was much better as for believability.

Arnold's character was also inconsistent. He would not offer information unless she asked, but after that answered even his questions. Although, i liked the way he moved in this movie. I think he did a really good job. Except his last line, which was out-of-character and rather corny.

The main human characters were mediocre. I dreaded when they had scenes. They just weren't enjoyable.

The story line was silly too. First, each terminator movie only sends one terminator. The humans only have one to protect. So, if Skynet would just send two, or even ten, the job would get done quickly.

Also, in each movie they send the terminator at a later date. Why? If anything, help the earlier ones. Or, send one-hundred years earlier, and kill his parents. With less available firepower, the later terinator would be assured success.

Then, the computer seems not to realize that if one leader is gone, another will take his place. Being they do infiltrations, the best way would simply be to have a robot go back and infiltrate, but not kill. When the war starts, it can help "accidents" happen. Killing a leader is a poor methiod of assuring success.

Then there's the whole virus thing. None of that made much sense. If skynet is on the Internet, the nuclear explosions would take out lines of communication, and most computers. Which means that it was killing itself.

In summary, the move was stupid, inconsistent, and non-spectacular. I would not reccomend wasting the money on it, unless you have absolutely nothing else to do.

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Movie: Terminator 3 Comments. (Spoilers)

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  • Note - I haven't actually seen T1/ sue me ;))

    I saw T3 yesterday, and found it pretty enjoyable. I had to completely throw out the majority of my tech knowledge to enjoy it, but hell - it's a film. Sure, it makes no sense for military things to be on the Internet, or even to be fully controlled by computers. Sure it'd be pretty stupid for the military to be hit by a virus, especially as they'd presumably be using different OSes. Sure, it's [POSSISBLE SPOILER - well, very minor anyway ;). As in not at

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