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Journal Chacham's Journal: Diaretical: Spam, unfreindings, no money 5

Well, lately i've been getting much spam in my email box. Much more than usual. I wonder if someone signed me up for it all. Oh well. It's just a few extra clicks. And being i use a text-based reader, there's no real harm done.

Just had someone mark my comment in my own journal as redundant. Which is funny, because i posted a couple comments elsewhere expecting flaimbait modifiers, but not that one. Oh well. It's somewhat enjoyable to have the power to make someone waste their points on me like that. Reminds me of that time when i came into work at a software vendor, the owner was very happy. He just found his software in the warez groups. He commented something like, "We made it!" :)

I had a recent few unfriendings. Not that it matters too much. After an emotionally charged JE about me, it is expected. When SamtheButcher unfriended me i was somewhat dissapointed, but didn't care too much. When Heliocentric unfriended me, i cared. Too bad, i'll miss his comments. He's one of the few i really looked forward to reading.

On another note, i'm out of money. No job, and the bills are too much to bear. Withing a week or two, i'll have to say goodbye to my Internet connection, and a month or two after that, very possibly, to my apartment. Oh well.

Part of not finding a job was trying to do small jobs here and there. Aparently, i'm not communicative enough to have places want to keep me. It's rather silly, but that is a game i am not sure i want to play.

So, i'm back to finding a full-time job (though accepting small jobs along the way, should they come along) and need to start applying for just about anything, even tech-support. I know i can do tech support, but the last place i did it at got me in trouble with my manager, aparently i gave *too much* help for tier-one support. A co-worker suggested that hse was just scared of my accumilated knowledge of Windows which was more than hers. Who knows? I just am a bit afraid that i'll get into the same position again.


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Diaretical: Spam, unfreindings, no money

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  • I just, I liked your puzzle JEs, but many of the others I didn't feel like reading. There's no way to keep a friend without unfriending, so I came here by way of your friending me. You still show on my fans list, so i clicked through to check out what you've been writing.

    MonTemplar writes a lot of stuff I don't really read either, well, I do, but sometimes it's not even skim-worthy, "On this day" stuff that's real England-centric. Not that that's bad, I just don't know minutia English history from the pas

    • Thanx.

      I have no problem with it, i just didn't expect it. And, contrary to my normal way of doing things, i figured i'd mention my feelings on the matter.

      My JEs are what i am currently interested in. If i find a topic that i get a lot of responses to, i'll probably be interested in it for a while.

      As a note, i read nearly noone's JEs, since i find the title's so undescriptive. But, every now and then, one catches my attention.

      I appreciate your reply.
      • Glad you're not angry or anything. I'll probably stumble in every now and then.

        I read other's JEs to kind of connect with other people. JtS, i guess I sort of consider him an actual "Internet friend" now. Oculus Habent's writings interest me. Some people have totally wacky lives that I can't even imagine. I'm also finding new folks that share my tastes in music, which is nice. Hopefully I'll be learning some more about new music. And then there are the people who ask computer questions. Thats interesting

  • I've been out of work for months and I'm sitting on a big pile of bills. I've been able to cover the big 3 of rent food and gas by the skin of my teeth doing photography and mundane computer upgrades and the like. There are a lot of people like us in the same situation right now, and it makes it all the harder to find a tech job when you submit a resume only to see it put on a pile a foot high. It's very discouraging, but all we can do is keep trying.

    Damn. I started writing to maybe help you feel better, b

    • I started writing to maybe help you feel better, but now I'm getting depressed myself.

      The irony of it all. :)

      I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's easier to feel downtrodden when you know you aren't alone.

      Hmm.. so if i help more peoplem get canned, i'll feel better? :P

      Anyway, good luck with your job search. I need to gather my motivation and be heading out the door to do the same now.

      Thanx, you two.

      I just got some work helping someone drop cable for a few days. It's doesn;t pay my usual fee

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