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Journal Chacham's Journal: Who will lead the Greek Orthodox Church? 2

Who will lead the Greek Orthodox Church? Here's a story about it. A search on google news for Irineos shows that as the only link.

Luckily, normal google has other links where this showed up:

Under a law dating back to the sixth century emperor Justinian, the government of the Holy Land has the right to approve or disqualify candidates for the office of patriarch.

A quick overview seems to show that many of the sites about this are either pro-Arab, or pro-Israel. But little non-biased reporting. The ones that are pro-Arab do not mentioned tha aforementioned law, and the pro-Israel ones do. Oh well.

Anyone else even care?

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Who will lead the Greek Orthodox Church?

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  • It seems that the Greek Orthodox Church is treated as though it has a status of legal sovereignty like the Vatican, although it is more nebulous and distributed. Any explanation?

    How is it that the GOC owns so much land in Israel? Did the British Mandate address the issue of the Church's vast ownership of land in the Jewish state? It is a bizarre situation that Israel has to lease land from the Church for its own government buildings.

  • As I read this, it shows that even if Arafat were to lose all "official" political power, he still has a lot of powerful, influential friends.... And not all of them are Palestinian.

    The thought of a personal friend of this terrorist becoming a leader of a major Christian denomination is disturbing enough. The thought of someone who is politically and emotionally set against the Israeli government becoming that same government's landlord... Yikes.

    Thanks for bringing this up.

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