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Journal Chacham's Journal: Rubiks Magic 2

Rubiks magic is a silly toy i had years back. Broke it, bougth again, broke it, bought again, and so on. A friend bought one for me recently, specifically the Homer Simpson one. And, i finally figured out how to do the puzzle, without (completely) breaking it!

The pleasure of it, after nearly twenty years, finally doing it. :)

But, i still can't figure out how the silly thing works! Maybe in another twenty.....

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Rubiks Magic

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  • But, i still can't figure out how the silly thing works!

    And you say you've broken some? It's just pieces of plastic with groves in them to hold fairly tightly wound fishing line. Adjacent squares share line, however with the line laying atop others it it possible for blocks to "pass" the line from one to another, thus moving a "joint" between two blocks.
    • OK, but how does it work? :)

      Understood that the lines go back and forth, but how? I guess, i just don't have the "feel" for it yet.

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