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Question: Anyone hear of Rentacoder.com?

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  • by FortKnox ( 169099 ) on Friday June 13, 2003 @08:11AM (#6189972) Homepage Journal
    Just sounds like an independent consulting website.
    Its quite clever, actually. The companies get an edge by letting the consultants go into a bidding war.
    The consultants get an edge by not having to go out and try to sell themselves to find jobs (you jsut have a list to bid on).

    But it comes down to this:
    If you are already a consultant (as I am), this is against the non-compete I signed, so I can't do it.
    How many people bid on a job, but don't get it done (imagine how many high school kids are trying to make an extra buck).
    And, I'm sure it won't work out very well, because most coders are not good estimaters, nor contract bidders (which is why you have project management to do that for you).

    Just my thoughts. What are yours?
  • Now, I haven't signed up to code anything for them, but reading what some people want is giving me ideas about programming assignments for student programing projects for the college classes I teach.


    Then again, I wonder what that site would think if a rich student (nearly a contradiction in terms, but not impossible, I've seen some) wished to have someone code their homework.

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