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Journal Chacham's Journal: Diet: 189 lb 2

Well, today's weighing rings in at 189 pounds. That's a loss of a pound! Exciting, yet unexciting.

I was overwhelmingly hungry a couple days this week, so I ate more those days. Probably a total of 2000 calories one day, and similar the next. It thought for sure I would gain this week. Lo and behold, I even lost.

I'm not quite sure what's going on. But I do know that 800 calories for lunch, and then again for dinner is more than enough. I'll have to see how I fare this week, but overall I'm happy.

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Diet: 189 lb

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  • I started at the same time as you, beginning at 205 lbs, and this morning at the gym I came in at 192. So I'm gaining on you! Woohoo!

    But, on that note... have you felt better? Do you feel smaller? Are your clothes fitting better? Mine are, which I'm very glad of. I've also noted that I have more energy, and feel more likely to do things I need to do, aside from working... like cleaning my house, or going for walks at lunch, or re-organizing things... I think that I must have more motivation or somet
    • Yeah. My first goal was 190 so my clothes fit easily. Done that and it feels great. I am headed to 180 now, because I've been there before somewhat recently, and it isn't a hard goal.

      This week I'm eating very little again. The payoff is immediate, and my stomach feels great. The only way that it feels better is when I abstain from fat and a few other foods (white bread, processed corn). I'll see where this week leads. I am weighing myself a lot, so I can see what affects weight. I find it interesting.


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