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Journal Chacham's Journal: Yet another comment moderation 8

Here. It was "overrated". Strange. And I thought it was on-topic. Oh well.

The good news is, I care less and less about moderations. It's following Slashdot's value to me.

If I ever get paid, I ought to go to cubesoft and get me a server. I may just start blogging from there so I'll have more control over posts.

The funniest thing, is I can't imagine why I want to blog. Oh well.

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Yet another comment moderation

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  • I modded it underrated.

    The only reason I did this is because I wanted to avoid the M2 gods. I marked a friend as a Troll the other day because it was damned funny in context, expecting to get modded unfair but willing to deal with it, and lo' and behold, it was modded fair.

    So in other words, since they abused the comment with a mod which is un-M2able, I'll fix it in the same manner.

  • I give all my friends +6, so your comments are always at score 5 for me. :-)

  • I think I let my last set expire (been busy). I thought the post was worth it, and would have at least given it an "interesting".

  • If you are a halfway intelligent person, post often, and enjoy the discussion, you should have enough karma to burn off 10 points a day or so without a care. I certainly do. I have no fear of posting a comment or two in the same discussion at +2 that I know will hit the bottom of the barrel very quickly. I just like it when I get a comment that gets moderated up and down endlessly -- that's the sure mark of a good comment!

    • Yeah, Yeah.

      I don't post so often anymore because I rarely get replies if it isn't "controversial". I read slashdot about once a day a look at a few comments on a few stories (hmm... doesn't look like I checked last night... oh well). My karma is at 49 or 50 from when I used to post, so I don't really care much about it.

      A bad moderation on a comment bothers me simply because of the abuse. I guess I'm pointing it out so people don't forget that it is an issue. Also, it's nice to see what other people think

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