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Journal Chacham's Journal: Diet: 190 lb 4

So ends another week of dieting. The scale showed 190 pounds, so I'm the same as last week.

That's not so bad consider I jacked up my intake to 1600 calories. It is interesting though. Last week I tried so hard to eat so little, I ate only very filling foods, and basically during mealtime. So now, that I'm eating twice as much, I have a hard time figuring out what to eat! Anyway, eating bagels with a little margerine, or microwave popcorn, or more oranges, and the like help me hit my limit.

It's amazing. I basically try to eat meal-foods as opposed to snack-foods when I get hungry. And, being full, I no longer desire the snacks. There is a bit of desire to eat some snack-foods, at some point, regardless of when. But, one day a week takes care of that.

As for my scale. I tried an idea someone gave me to put it on a board. I used a shelf of a bookcase that I wasn't using, and now the reading are mostly consistent. So far, once, I got on the scale a few times in a row and got varying readings. All the other times I've tested it, I've found them to be consistent.

So, next week I'll probably stick to 1600 calories again. I ought to lose next week, now that the transition period is over. I *should* be burning more than that a day. But, then again, I may need to ride my excercise bike more diligently.

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Diet: 190 lb

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  • you're still trying to guage your progress toward health by periodic weighings on a scale. Muscle and water are more dense [] than fat, so your measurements won't be accurate. They will only leave you discouraged []. There are more accurate ways to calculate the success of your diet. Personal trainers use calipers [], infrared guages, or underwater weighing to figure out your percentage of body fat, and there are other ways to get a better approximation than by using a scale. Don't be discouraged, find a better
    • That is part of it, but not too much. Even if I had muscles to worry about, they'd be eating away at my fat for upkeep. So, until I hit the lower numbers it is basically accurate. Anyway, my stomach doesn't hurt when I wear clothes now, so that is the real success. :-) Thanx for the links. I haven't checked them yet, but I intend to over the weekend.
      • That is part of it, but not too much. Even if I had muscles to worry about, they'd be eating away at my fat for upkeep.

        I think the trouble is that muscles go before fat, unless you're careful...

        Of course, you've missed the true geek approach: hack the scales! ;-)

  • Managing to transition to eating properly, just in smaller amounts, should do you well in the long run, even after settling down to your desired weight.

    A lot of people wail that they are not eating much when in fact a lot of excess calories (not to mention fat) come unaccountably from snacking, so if you could do without it, all the better.

Marvelous! The super-user's going to boot me! What a finely tuned response to the situation!