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Journal Chacham's Journal: Picture of Front Licence Plate at Canada/US (Detroit) Border 8

While coming back from dinner with my brother and grandmother, my brother noticed a flash. He assumed correctly, and asked why they took a picture. The Customs agent answered that it took pictures of the car's plates. So, my brother asked why that was in front, if plates are in the back (at least in Michigan). She answered that some had it in front. My brother countered that everyone had in back, regardless if they *also* had it in front. She didn't know.

Amazingly, she was actually friendly. Quite rare for a Custom's Agent. I think you have to have a degree in Disgruntled-Postal Workology in order to work there. Anyway, by the time we were done, a guy came by, who looked like he was her superior. He had a good European serious frown on. We figured he must have warned her about being friendly.

Overall it was strange, and we couldn't figure out what was going on. Well, the food was good. :-)

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Picture of Front Licence Plate at Canada/US (Detroit) Border

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  • I do not know where this Candia place is, sounds interesting, what food did you get to sample? :)
    • I do not know where this Candia place is, sounds interesting, what food did you get to sample? :)

      No, I reckon it's the state formerly known as Oompah-Loompah-Land, which became a democracy after the return of large numbers of ex-pat Oompah-Loompahs following the collapse of WonkaCorp.

      Incidentally, there is still no news of the whereabouts of disgraced WonkaCorp CEO Charles Bucket, although former Chairman Emeritus William Wonka is said to be helping the Feds with their inquiries...

      The border security, b
      • Very cute.

        I think Mr. Bucket, was only acting president. He decided to become a resident of Veteriniria, a planet he had not yet explored in the glass elevator. Who knows, maybe he will come back.
    • Heh. I guess since I often call it Canadia, I just misspelled it this time around. :-)

      Anyway, I fixed it, thanx.
  • ... they did not actually take a picture of the back plate? I can see the argument for taking both, but taking just one and then choosing the one that is not always there... actually, it just sounds like something thought up by a pencil-pusher who does not travel much :P
    • She said they took both.

      Though only seeing the one in front, my brother actually thought they took thge picture of the driver.
      • The flash would be less obvious taken from the back, I suppose - you only see it in the rear-view mirrors.

        It might actually help reducing errors? Say if one of the plates was slightly muddy. I wonder how long records are kept though - quite scary knowing all my transborder movements are kept under watchful eyes.

        Unless the argument is that honest citizens have nothing to hide...

  • by turg ( 19864 ) *
    I haven't noticed a flash before, but they have had video cameras capturing your plates (crossing in either direction) for some time. By the time you start talking to the agent, they have the notes of your previous crossings (or rather, your plates' previous crossings) on the computer screen. I noticed this especially 3-4 years ago when I was crossing almost every week. I was recognized as a regular and they barely spoke to me before waving me through.

That does not compute.