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Journal Chacham's Journal: Diaretical: Started a diet 8

Being overweight, and then hitting Passover, well, it kind of hurts. I finally hit ~200 pounds, which means that I must lose weight or get new clothes. I haven't much money, or the the desire to go from store to store to find stuff that I like for decent price, so, I went on a diet.

That started Sunday. When I start a diet I start with a bang. It probably isn't too good, but it shouldn't hurt for one or two weeks. Basically, I eat when I get hungry. That's hungry, and not just a craving. So, on Sunday I had a couple handfuls of maccaroni (100-200 calories?). Yesterday I had two hamburgers with buns and ketchup (~900 calories), and since I'm still not hungry, I'll probably eat a fruit or two before dinner, which will probably only be about 600-700 calories. Under 1200 calories is not a good thing. But, from experience, one week like that doesn't hurt, especially if vitamins are used.

The idea for me right now is to get to 170-180 pounds. So I feel comfortable. But if I don't get a jumpstart, I'll lose my will to do it. So, probably next week, I'll switch to 1600-2000 calories (haven't quite decided yet) and site there until I hit my desired range. Then, should I feel like it, I'll lose some more.

To me, the hardest part of dieting is doing it with someone, or for an important goal. If I do it alone, and just to lose weight, I won't lose more than 10-20 pounds. However, if I diet with someone I can lose as much more. Which makes me realize that dieting is more emotional than physical.


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Diaretical: Started a diet

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  • ... post your current weight on a weekly basis, so you would not want to embarrass yourself by having to admit failure.

    I'm trying to make sure I get started on an exercise regime - I have high metabolism so if I want to beef up a bit I have to build muscles - so if you stay on your diet, I'll make sure I work out at least twice a week. Deal? :)


    • I agree, on both counts.

      You might want to check out Dayton's Journal [], he's doing that weekly list idea.

    • Good idea. I'll see about doing it (posting the weight). Not willing to make the deal though. At least not yet.

      BTW, if you're trying to beef up your muscles, once a week is probably better than twice a week. A friend of mine who is a personal trainer got into the slow stuff, and now has it down to a short workout, about once a week. I no longer go because of money issues. Anyway, the less work I did, the stronger I became. I think I did about two minutes (each) on three machines. He measured progress by a
      • Thanks for the tips. The reason I go twice a week though, is to alternate between exercising upper and lower body muscles. Overall, quite right, I am exercising each muscle group once a week.


    • Seeing the state I'm in, I'm probably not the best person in the world to comment about dieting and exercise regimes, but I do have some knowledge about this (honest!).

      I agree with you, the best way of motivating yourself is by telling as many people as possible what you achieve - that way, your pride will prevent you from going back on your word. :)

      The best way to beef up QUICKLY, really, is to ensure that you work out every day. Make sure you alternate every day - e.g. upper body the first day, lower bo
  • ...I could use a little motivation myself. I currently weight around 205, but no one believes me because my body is one of those that must hide weight in some invisible limb or something along those lines. But I would like to get down to 165, where I was when I graduated from high school, and where I could be again, given that my body hasn't changed any since then, except that I've gained 40 lbs. People that have known me that long however, can see the difference.

    I haven't started dieting myself yet, bu
    • I could use a little motivation myself.

      Maybe you can try to post gains. I think I may just try that and see what feedback I get, and how I feel about it. My younger brother, who has also started a diet, has agreed to come to me for dinner. This way, it gives an emotional significance to dinner, and something I am willing to go hungry waiting for. I figure every little thing helps.

      I currently weight around 205, but no one believes me because my body is one of those that must hide weight

      Yeah, I know all
  • It's a little odd, but I'm also about 195 and looking to drop to about 175 where I was right out of high school. I'm going to be relying a lot more on working out in various forms -- I've found that that is most effective for me, besides, I just feel better about myself when I feel more active.

    This is what happened in high school, I was about 200 and started playing rugby. I lost about 10 lbs, because of the added muscle, and then continued to keep losing the next 20 by continuing. My girlfriend doesn

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