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Journal Chacham's Journal: Moderated down in a journal 3

So, I find some journal and for no apparent reason I respond. And, for what I believe was on-topic, I got modded down as troll.

Guess someone got bored. Slashdot moderators are all stoopid. :-) I don't even know why I care to report these.

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Moderated down in a journal

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  • That just hurts - JE mods should not be allowed. With only a handful of entries, it really is not needed. (unless you are FK) Now if mod bombers were just made public...
  • I posted a political entry in my journal, and I was responded to by someone that disagreed with me, and also said "they see me on a daily basis", and sounded sorta threatening. they posted as an AC of course. so I was forced to change to a more anonymous username (my last one was based on my last name). Its sad that these people that disagree with us have to resort to anonymous modding and posting as AC's instead of backing it up with facts.
  • people are silly. anyway, the comment was moderated back up now because the troll mod didn't even make sense. i couldn't see what a better response could possibly have been.

    it's always possible that you have "enemies" waiting for you to have obscure posts they can moderate down.

    hmmm. 4 points left.

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