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Question: Favorite word

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  • I think mine is "booga". Don't know why. Don't care to know why.

    That is all.


  • ...but I know what my least favorite word is. Starts with a "d" and ends with and "a". I just hate saying it.

    Um, favorite word. I like "favourite" with the "u".

    • I guess being a Canadian I find spelling colour and favourite with a 'u' all the time (maybe Chacham borrowed the 'u' from favourite and placed it in 'yuour' :).

      I don't think I really have a favourite word, maybe it's "jabba" cuz I mutter it randomly whenever a cool deep bass beat song comes on.
  • waffle waffle waffle
    Fun to eat, fun to say. It's win-win!
  • Closely followed by 'dinner'. :-)
  • serendipity

    I like the way it sounds when heard. I like the way it feels when saying it. I like what the word means. It is my favorite word!

  • The first time I heard my sister's one friend's name is "Nanette" I just kept walking around muttering that name over and over like an obsessed mad man (ok, so I guess lots of things I do fit that profile). There's just something about how that word sounds in my head, it is like the ultimate in songs being stuck in your head. I swear I have synesthesia for that word.

    Then there are the two phrases/words/foods I keep shouting out as if I had tourette's disorder/syndrome: "SUSHI!" and "BUNNY BURGER!"

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