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Journal Chacham's Journal: Question/Poll: Know the end of your sentence at its start? 7

This one is thanx to Liora. Rather, I will say "inspired" just in case I misunderstood. :-P

Before you start a statement, do you know how it will end? If you do, do you know the words, or just the idea? If you know the idea, how about justification of the idea?

For a while I've known (think it was pointed out to me) that when someone says "um" (or the non-USian equivalent) it is because of a buffer underrun. So, the obvious workaround is to speak more slowly. Or do a Clinton (bite bottom lip) or similar (clasp hands, look down) to (fake) show concern as the matters actually "sinks in".

I don't think I know how it will end. I just know the basic idea. I also throw in justifications where I deem necessary. But, I'm not even sure that's so clear. I've got to think about it some more.

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Question/Poll: Know the end of your sentence at its start?

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  • This is very common with me, as I speak very quickly. I blame it on my mother, as she does the same. I will usually, depending upon who I'm talking to, insert a brief "um" every 6 words or so. This gives them a chance for them to catch up, because most people around here are not used to people who talk fast.

    Bloody hippies.
  • For me, it depends on the circumstance...

    I usually have the complete idea in mind and then translate it to words, preferably complete sentences. I try to use proper grammar whenever possible, although colloquial English tends to be more fragmented... When I'm having a conversation I use different sentence structures and words (more informal) than when I'm presenting to a more formal audience.

    Sometimes as I am speaking,another idea comes to mind, and I then "queue it up" for the next sentence. I really d
  • Genearlly I just speak as I think - which often leads to "ums". If there's something I need to get right, or that I'm pretty sure I'm going to get wrong tho, I think it through first.
  • Here. []

    Very interesting.

    And my answer to your question is: it depends.

    • I appreciate the reference. Thank you. Now, on with the show....

      Well, the post mentions a post that mentions a post, that mentions that Es "triangulate" views. That is P, not E. Ps try to see the many sides of things, because they don't want to make a judgement if they don't have to. As such, they try to see it from all the angles and have it's "judgement" become self-evident. I've watch many IPs do that.

      However, extraverts don't care as much for the reasons behind things, as Is do. This is based on the a
  • by Dannon ( 142147 )
    I rarely know how I'm going to end a sentance, even after a few tries. Especially if I'm typing. I just don't want to give up until I've got it just right. ;-)
  • in some cases i'll try to form a whole sentence before i open my mouth, but usually i just have the idea. the idea is translated into words as i talk. i use um a lot because i have the concept and can't think of the word i'm looking for. just to add insult to my injury, a lot of the time i can think of the word in a language other than english. strange it's easier sometimes to think of a word for an idea in something other than my first language.

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