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Journal Chacham's Journal: Request for Ideas: On a Mail Server (Need some pointers) 3

Well, as I have stated before, I want a mail server. That is my own SMTP/POP3/IMAP server. First thing I need is a host. A recent solidusfullstop story asked about servers, and Cubesoft was near the top. So, I emailed them telling them what I wanted and got a terse but relatively quick reply. I mentioned the terseness and praised the quickness, and got a terse reply back telling me that terseness in tech support isn't a bad thing. I thought to myself "he's good." :-)

So, it has been reccomended, the tech support is knowledgeable and quick, and the prices aren't bad, so I may just go with them.

For mail, I'll turn off the default address, and create an alias for each contact that I have. Someone I know does that to thwart spam. basically, once email address for each new company, and if spam comes through, just delete that alias. Sounds good. Though I've been debating about a scheme for the aliases. Maybe, I should just give a new subdomain for each person with an email address, and then name the email as the person corresponding. So, if John Doe was to correspond with Fishy Bobber, Fishy would email Hmm.. I wonder... I'm still wondering what the best scheme is. Ideas are welcome, appreciated, and encouraged!

The problem is with that last idea, is in order to have "unlimited subdomains" the price goes up to $15/month. I guess it's not bad, but I wonder if there are any good hosters for cheaper.

For the web interface, I'm beginning to like Squirrelmail. Never used it though. It just looks interesting. Especially the Quicksave plugin.

I figure I can host other websites there. You know those great ideas that we all have that never go anywhere. Although, I may want to blog there.

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Request for Ideas: On a Mail Server (Need some pointers)

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  • I've been using Squirrelmail for a good while and liking it. Many plug-ins available, and it's easy to get it working with Apache and SSL. I've read some mention on forums about trying to add PGP support of some sort, and that's something I'd look forward to using.

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