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Journal Chacham's Journal: Diaretical: Slashdot thoughts / OSes 4

So, I got a call that their computer wasn't working. I suspected the powersupply, and called a friend to confirm, as it so happened he had an extra one in his basement. Problem solved.

In the meanwhile, I spoke to him. He mentioned he doesn't read slashdot often anymore (I got him hooked when I started) because it's more of an advertisment agency than a news report. He mentioned how the Science articles and the like were much more and better, yet now almost every story is about what company is selling what. I'm looking around more and seeing his point of view.

He also runs Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. Depending on which computer it's on. Server is Linux, Windows for games, and Mac on laptop. He is not tied to any one OS (though he is proficient at each I'm sure (I *know* that he knows Linux and Windows well)). That got me thinking. Currently I have a Windows box (for games) and a Linux box ("main" computer). Though, because of what it's for the Windows box is more powerful. I now use it for vid capping, watching mpegs, and anything else that requires power. In a sense, I'm learning to use that which is best for the job. Only when they are the same is my preference for Linux. Anyway, sooner or later I ought to buy a new computer or a laptop. I'm on a PII 333 right now. I figure I'd wait until the 64-bit processors come out before upgrading. (Oh, and getting a job too.) Now, I'm even debating getting a mac, or looking at other avenues (such as is an SGI econmical and the like). It's just a jumble right now.

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Diaretical: Slashdot thoughts / OSes

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