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Journal Chacham's Journal: Searching for yourself 8

Every now and then I search around for my name, nick, email address, etc.. For example, on Slashdot I can find a few journal entries referencing mine. Or a blog where someone found my comment interesting, or this strange list. Besides helping my ego, I find it interesting to search. Then there's a court case in Canada involving the Supreme Court and the church with my name, some sports player with the same sirname, and old connections I had with people.

Anyone else search for yourself? Find anything interesting?

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Searching for yourself

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  • i search for myself and people i know from time to time. i found out that there is a gay porn actor with the same name as me. that's great. i don't think i show up on yet.
  • Well I just did a little search and, ironically enough, it looks like this comment [] has been republished in a few other places (I did give one person permission -- don't recall who).
  • Yes... I seem to have the same name as a load of cross-dressers with pics on the 'net. Luckily it seems that my site has raised above theirs now ;). And I can't see 'em now... goooooood...

    OTOH, at one point I was the top search result for "Uplink "Gay Porn"" (see this JE comment []) :/

    Oh, and slashdot is fscked for me ATM... Body, subject, everything, took a while typing this, got "flood protection" and "Cat got your tongue?"... Dunno what's wrong :P
  • by kormoc ( 122955 )
    and only 2 not of my doing! Wow :)
  • by MiTEG ( 234467 )
    The number of results returned for my name. It's a guide for setting up email for relatives at

    I've always taken pride in the fact that, in all likelyhood, I am the only person on the planet with my particular combination of first and last names.
  • A short time ago I did a search for an old (or not so old, 1992) post I wrote on and was surprised at how many overall posts I had on usenet back in the day. Google rocks.

    A more specific search at work found that there is another one of me at my company. We even work in the same department doing very similar stuff. I read a post of this on a mailing list and was freaked out for a minute because I could have written it but I didn't remember writing it.

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