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Journal Chacham's Journal: What lines/jokes have you thought up? 3

What lines or jokes have you created? Even if they're stupid. Even if someone else came up with it, yesterday, yesteryear, or yestermillenium.

Mine are:

It's a bird, it's insane, no, it's Tux. Biting for truth, the Justice Department, and the Linux way.
Just my one cent. I'm too cheap to give the other.
What do you mean?!?! DOS _is_ the best Operating System. There is no System that needs to be operated on as much as DOS does!
Windows is such an old Operating System. Why not get a GNU one?
With enough cache, you can do anything.
Say this three times real fast: "Linux may mimic Minix, but Minix does not mimic Linux."
Q: What did the dying folicle say? A: "Here today, hair tomorrow."

May be stupid. But their mine. :-)

What's yours?

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What lines/jokes have you thought up?

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