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Journal Chacham's Journal: Slashdot Hall of fame / More politics than Technology 2

Anyone check the Hall Of Fame? It's amazing. I think you can get a clear insight into Slashdot.

First are the "Most Active Stories". That is, the stories with the most comments. This isn't just where poeople clicked through the stories to read the comments. They also felt that they must comment, for whatever the reason. Here's the current list (The top number should change as it's still an active story):

3537 Strike on Iraq by CmdrTaco
3212 What's Keeping You On Windows? by Cliff
3042 An Unbiased Analysis of Gun Crime vs. Gun Control? by Cliff
2722 Pledge of Allegiance Ruled Unconstitutional by michael
2549 US Starts Attacking Afghanistan by CmdrTaco
2465 U.S. Attack -- More Updates by Hemos
2398 Space Shuttle Columbia Breaks Up Over Texas by CowboyNeal
2388 Diamonds - Are They Really Worth the Cost? by Cliff
2332 Announcing Slashdot Subscriptions by CmdrTaco
2133 Kathleen Fent Read This Story by CmdrTaco

The bottom one is about Slashdot's geek getting married, which is a point of interest. Why did so many people comment on it? Most of the marked up comments are nonsensical gibberish anyway. I'd guess it's because the unmarrried people want to be, and the married want to welcome them to the club. Strange though.

The second lowest story is Slashdot subscriptions. Obviously, the fear is that this very site was changing.

The fourth from the bottom is the space shuttle. This is expected. Slashdot readers are technology oriented, and even those with strong religous views that conflict with the beliefs of the scientific community, science and its exploits such as the shuttle is news that we all care about. Mix that with a tragedy, and people really care.

The rest are all politics, paying for diamonds included. It's an argument based on passionate personal beliefs, no different than a good discussion in the Senate. Basically, it's logic versus values.

Are any stories about the latest computer innovation? What about privacy? What I see here is politics, a couple slashdot related stories, and a shuttle story. Anyone else find this strange?

What is even more boggling is the list of the "Most Visited Stories". The are not the ones most commented on. These are the ones that people clicked on the most. That is, they saw it on the front page and either wanted to read more, or read the comment, or they use the index page and wanted more than the title.

364613 Microsoft Asks Slashdot To Remove Readers' Posts by Roblimo
312675 Voices From The Hellmouth by JonKatz
307362 The Full Nader Plus a Taste of Bush and Gore by Roblimo
303499 Queen of England Gets Red Hat by Roblimo
292901 DirecTV's Secret War On Hackers by michael
282946 Hotmail Cracked Badly by CmdrTaco
260373 Scientologists Force Comment Off Slashdot by CmdrTaco
230792 California ISP Sues Spammer and Wins by Roblimo
225001 Microsoft /asks/ "Crack this machine" by Hemos
224882 NT faster than Linux in tests by Hemos

Half of these stories are all about Microsoft and Linux, that is expected, given Slashdot's affinity for Linux and demonization of Microsoft. Then there's one about DirectTV, and the other four are politics.

And, what gets me the most, is that there are no stories on both lists. Why not?

What I think we can see, is that slashdot people are more interested in Microsoft and Linux related articles, yet politics are just as interesting, and even people to comment.

Strange, but interesting. Slashdoters are also politickers.

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Slashdot Hall of fame / More politics than Technology

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  • if we get 3000 comments to one JE, will it get caught in the HOF?

    Might be an experiment worth doing...
    • Good question. And an interesting experiment for you to try. Maybe we can get you even more fans. :-)

      Unfortunately, IIRC the most comments we ever made in a journal entry was between 100 and 200. Someone asked where we lived. Other people in our circles advertised it, and it grew to much more than the average entry.

      To do it, we'd need everyone to cooperate. One person posts the experiemental JE, and we all advertise it, in our sigs and journals. The topic must be half-decent though. I don't think "The Su

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