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Journal Chacham's Journal: Fans/Freaks. Do you care? 16

Just been foe'd by someone, bringing my freak list up to nine. Making Friends and Foes is easy. Making Fans and Freaks is hard. I have a small to medium sized fan list and a small freak list. What's yours? More importantly, do you care in any way?

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Fans/Freaks. Do you care?

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  • 47 fans, 3 freaks. Doesn't bother me much. I'm more interested in getting good dialogue, so friends are more important for me (as I then get their JEs).
  • I would guess that just about anyone who has some sort of active participation in slashdot and has put some people into the friends and foes lists is going to pick up a few fans and probably a few freaks now and then. Unless all you do is troll, or unless you are completely stupid, you'll probably have more fans than freaks. If you never really state any controversial opinions or make fun of stupid people, you'll probably pick up few, if any, freaks. Sometimes you'll get new freaks when you mark someone new a friend because you show up on someone else's Friend-of-a-friend list and piss em off.

    But anyway -- do I care? Yeah, I care a little bit about the fans and freaks lists. It's not that I care what people think about me -- I could have a thousand freaks and it wouldn't piss me off. I actually give freaks a huge comment bonus because I like knowing what people who disagree with me think. I like having freaks on my list. I like having fans too. They have a lower comment bonus than freaks, but it's refreshing, sometimes, to know that people care enough to maybe want to filter what I have to say out of the rest of the crowd.

    Anyway I break it down like this:

    Freaks +4
    Fans +3
    Friends +2
    Foes -2

    If I really don't care much for a Freak, I'll add that person to the foes list too to balance things out. It's a pretty good system for me.

    I still would like more fans though. I'd probably actually keep a journal on here if I thought people might actually read it or have discussions in it. I wrote a journal entry or two and nobody ever seemed to check em out. I deleted all of them but one. I know maybe if I just posted more journal entries, maybe someone would start reading the damn thing and some comments would start popping up, but I guess I'm just too lazy.

    • actually give freaks a huge comment bonus because I like knowing what people who disagree with me think.

      That's hilarious. :-)

      I wrote a journal entry or two and nobody ever seemed to check em out.

      As a general rule, I don't check it unless the title is descriptive. I think others may be a bit the same.
  • Being a normal person, I care who doesn't like me. :)

    It is hard to get fans, but it's interesting when I do get them. There have been a few that just kind of show up, I don't know how or where. I know I wrote something in your journal, and I think I friended you because you friended me. But it was more than that, I liked the wordplay games in your journal. And it was kind of funny, because just a couple days later, my mom gave me a Games magazine that she had bought for me, out of the blue. I've had a subscription to Games a couple times in my life.

    So that's probably more why I friended you.

    • I friend people that show up in my journal and I find interesting. Or, if I really like what someone has to say. For example, I read singularity's journal (saw him reference his own journal in a Taco journal I decided to look at) and responded and friended him. Then, when I realized that he doesn't give basic respect to other people, I unfriended him, and told him what I thought in my reply. He answered by foeing me.

      I actually laughed at that. Though, one thing did bother me. I wrote two replies, one short and one long. I originally wrote the short one because of time constraints, and realizing he was a Democrat with the usual lines, I knew I wouldn't get a logical argument from him. Though, I decided later to truly respond, so he would know what I thought, and realize that I actually disagreed on the points. So, I spent some time responding (a long comment generally takes me at least twenty minutes if not a couple hours), and he foed me and didn't bother responding. All that effort wasted. That's the only real thing that gets me. Although, not that he foed me, I like it. It shows me that he just can't take it. :-P

      As for word games, I might do more. I just see them, or think of them, and want to share. I guess not too often. Though, I really like when I get replies to questions such as "that that" and the like.
      • The "that that" problem confused me greatly! I started trying to figure it out, and gave up, it wasn't making sense to me.

        And about the friend/foe/freak thing, I guess I see /. as a place to discuss things, only recently have I been reading (and noticing) more of the political discussions. I like discussing politics & policies to some degree, and the anonymity of sorts provided by the medium allows, in many cases, for a more open, thoughtful debate. Sometimes, it just degenerates into flame wars, and I don't have much use for that. Heated discussions are okay and healthy, but it's rarely as black & white as people seem to make it.

        I wrote that I'd only "care" about freaks, but I could have better explained it as I would care if I didn't know why they foed me, and only care to the point of "What's that about?" Your example is about right, he just made you a foe instead of at least responding and telling why. Similar to how I've gotten fans, I guess, sometimes they just appear.

  • I'm not really that much of an active participant on Slashdot per se any more; I spend the vast majority of my Slashdot time in journals.

    I care about my friends list, because I know that that list represents some people who are interested in reading what I write in my journal. I care about "freaks" (which is about the dumbest name ever) somewhat less.

    My numbers: 84 freaks, 403 friends.
  • 124/57/44/4 Friends/Fans/Foes/Freaks

    Not enough freaks. What, I don't offend people enough?

    I do like this system a bit: web-of-trust. It helps me wade through ./ comments more efficiently. with the obvious downside of ignoring comments that might differ from my own, but heck, my time is limited, and I spend too much time here already).

    Most of my foes got there through a "first post" or a goatscx post. Then I have the occasional enemy who catches me on a bad day, or who spends too much time griping about how $$$exygal really a purple spotted llama or something horrible.

    If anything, I'd actually prefer for CmdrTaco to put the "add friend/neutral/foe" buttons on the comment page, so it would be easier to add people to my list. right now, you gotta click 3 times just to add a friend, and then you need to get back to where you were.

    And I'd like VA to extend the web-of-trust to other OSDN sites. I'm interested in who particpates in a SourceForge project, or who-says-what about Freshmeat announcements.

    Plus, then I would have several fewer identies to maintain.

    I'd also prefer for Slashdoters to discuss more politics-- technology can be so boring sometimes.

    -= Stefan
  • If I piss people off, or make them like me, I'm doing something right. If you have people agree with you all the time, you are obviously very wrong.

    The thing I care the most about is having a lot of comments in my journal. I'd rather be sitting with my paltry 100 fans and get 30+ comments in each JE, than have 1400 fans and get no comments, because all I put in my JE is porn.
  • It's weird. I find myself pretty interested in my fans and freaks. I have one freak, and I cannot for the life of me figure out why the guy foed me. And for some reason that really bothers me, even four months after the foeing.

    In addition, I find myself caught up with how many fans I have. I don't actively try and gain fans, but it feels nice when I get new ones, and I'm definately interested enough to right up a script ( []) to keep track.

    So, I'm not really sure how to answer your question. I feel it's pretty stupid to be caught up with this whole slashdot relationship thing, but then I certainly have reactions when someone foes or friends or unfriends me.

    • I have one freak, and I cannot for the life of me figure out why the guy foed me.

      I've been asked twice (I think) why I foed them. One ended up in an un-foeing, and the other agreed with being foed, he was just curious why. Both were through IM. I guess Email seems too formal, and IM is easy, informal, and quick.

      So, I'm not really sure how to answer your question.

      You did fine in the comment. It's pretty much exactly what I care for. I was asking for a feeling, and feelings can be hard to express in words (usually due to lack of practice, or a Ts uncomfortability with his values, due to lack of control over, its unpredicatability, or how it shows that he's not all logic). I'm working on such things myself. And it takes practice.
  • I used to keep track of how many fans I have, and occasionally check my freaks list. Gotta ton of fans through complaining about slashdot, now it slowly grows with the little journal ring we got going.
    Freaks come when I go against what everyone says (especially YRO articles).
    • Freaks come when I go against what everyone says

      Which is stupid. It's those who show you the other side. Children. You're better off being on their foe list anyway. :-) I only foe when I don't want to read them anymore, wether because they're just trolls, or because they use a word (or reference something) that I'm trying to filter somewhat.

      Kudos on the ring though.
  • i have 40 or 50 fans. it's nice to think that people want to read what i write. i don't have any freaks yet. i'd probably do one of two things with freaks if i got some, ignore them, or if they were interesting, friend them. if people i don't know think of me as a foe, then whatever. i care when real life friends are hurt or upset because of something i did, but i don't feel that same connection to people i don't know on slashdot. i suppose i'd probably care a little if some /. friends foed me, but i would get over it.
  • I used to have a ton of friends (easilly over 1000) but that was before they introduced the 200 limit, now 400 for subscribers, thank you very much.

    I care about my fans and normally befriend with them w/o questions.

    I don't care so much about freaks, and surprisingly I have very few (only a handful or so). I consider myself writing dumb comments sometimes, or I can be obnoxious, so I have a hard time understanding why people care about me sometimes.

    I used to post a lot in the past, but I now post a comment or two a day on average. Married life made me a quieter guy ;)

  • I add friends get notified of their JEs which is what I mostly read these days on /.. The stories and comments aren't the same quality as they were 3 years ago but a lot of the JEs here are interesting. I like to read what other similar-minded people have to say regarding their personal life experiences, humor, and tech stuff that isn't tied to article content.

    I don't have any foes (don't see the point) but I have two freaks. One I remember getting the other I have no idea but he's a friend of a bunch of

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