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Journal Chacham's Journal: Folding Laundry, Good thing or a waste of time? 12

Being a strong J, I have what to learn from Ps. That is, no order when it is not needed. Or, don't organize *everything*. Or, only organize when it is either enjoyable or has a purpose. I'm starting slowly.

An ISTP kid came to my apartment and was watching me put away my laundry. When I got to the socks, we pondered. I learnt a long time ago, to never have more than one type of sock, ergo all socks are pairs, and losing one sock from a "pair" does not render the other sock useless. So when I buy new socks, I throw out all the old socks (unless they are the same type) and just buy enough new ones.

Now the stupidity. Until recently, I have been pairing my socks when I put the away, apparently as a holdover from childhood. My socks get their own half of a drawer, which would leave no reason to pair them. Against my nature I listened to him, and tried not pairing my socks. At first it bothered, me, but I got used to it quickly. Putting the laundry takes less time now, and I have gained some P.

I tried extending that into my underwear. My undershirts and underpants each have their own drawer. So, I figured, there was no reason to fold them when putting them away either. Against my nature I just separated them and dumped them in their drawers. It bothered me. It still bothers me a couple of weeks later. It just drives me crazy knowing that they are not folded. So, after my next wash, it looks like I will fold them.

The question is, of course, why the socks don't bother me, yet the underwear does. There's got to be a reason.

Anyone else care about such things?

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Folding Laundry, Good thing or a waste of time?

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  • but I'm-- er.. I'm.. I'm the 4 letters that mean "absent minded professor" or whatever that is. so, my clothes go in a pile on the chair next to my dresser. if I put them in my dresser, I forget that there are clothes in there, and end up having wearing the last batch of clothes straight from the dryer. If I leave them in plain sight, I won't bother walking to the dryer, I'll put on the clothes that are close to me, and visible.

    this, of course, drives my girlfriend^Wfiancee nuts.

  • But if you don't pair your socks, then they don't wear evenly! Some socks will get worn more than others, which will result in some being brand new while others are prematurely thin and full of holes. I pair and fold my socks and line them up in the drawer. Newly washed socks go to the back of the line so the others can be worn first.

    And do you even need to ask if I fold my underwear?
    • But if you don't pair your socks, then they don't wear evenly!

      Good point. But, in my case, I actually wear all my socks before I wash. I really push the limits. So I basically wear them all evenly. But a good point. :-)

      Though, my younger brother, an ISTJ, I don't think folds much at all.
    • And do you even need to ask if I fold my underwear?

      If that will lead to more information about your underwear, then yes. :-) Sorry, I thought I would beat red5 to it this time.

      • If that will lead to more information about your underwear, then yes.

        Of course it will. You can learn many fascinating facts about my underwear, including...

        1) I wear it.
        2) I wash it. (I believe this is what sets me apart from the crowd)
        3) I meticulously fold it.
        • 1. I wear it.

          2) I wash it.
          Well, if ya wear it, you should wash it.

          3) I meticulously fold it.

          I notice you refer to your underwear as "it." Does this mean you only have one? Hmmmmm...
  • One test says I'm a INFP (strong in most points), but I haven't taken others.

    Clothes: Semi-organized piles.

    Our closet was built in 1942, and is too inefficient to hold all of our clothes. Can't convince my wife to give away her old chothes, so for now we're stuck in an loop: Clean clothes, fit them into the closet & dressers until they are full, and then leave the other clean clothes in the laundry basket. But you can't wash the dirty clothes if all the laundry baskets are full. So, we end up with a big dirty laundry pile on the floor, and several semi-organized piles in laundry baskets. Once I get a job again, and we can save up some money, we're going remove part of a wall and build in one of those fancy closet systems, which will solve part of the problem.

    But for now: Piles.

    Socks: I own 20+ pairs of socks. These days, I usually buy 2-3 matching pairs of socks, so that I can loose up to 4 individual socks and still have a pair left. Sometimes I pair them because it prevents a frustrating search for matching socks in the morning, but usually they just live in a pile in the top drawer. Who has time to fold laundry?
  • by lpret ( 570480 )
    Heh, looks like I'm the only extravert on slashdot...or feeler for that matter...

    At any rate, I don't fold my boxers, my undershirts and I do not pair my socks. I figure that anything that's going to be worn under something else doesn't need to be wrinkle-free -- just clean. How this usually works is that I wash and dry my coloured clothes first, fold them as soon as they're done drying, and then throw the whites in there, and leave them in the dryer.

    However, there are moods I get into sometimes that change this all up. Sometimes I fold everything just perfectly and make sure they are neatly piled in my dresser. There's the F in me I guess.

    Also, in general I keep things organised only to the degree that they must be. My work stuff is by my desk, my books are by my la-z-boy, etc. but not necessarily stacked neatly.

    • Heh, looks like I'm the only extravert on slashdot...or feeler for that matter...

      There are many extraverts here. But, it's probably more an introvert thing to write and respond to journals.

      As for feelers, stef just said he was an F, Com2Kid is an F, and I'd guess OnLawn is one too, though I'm not sure yet. About 70% of women are F, and about 40% of men as well, which makes Fs very common. And, considering the NFs act like NTs when values are not involved, it can be harder to notice here in many journals. It would take a good argument where the person's values and use of logic have conflicting goals to weed out which form of judgment that person prefers to use.

      As for ENFP, I know one and he's married to an INTJ. His P dominates (she can be very passive or uninterested) but the rest of the letters are fun to watch interact. :-)

      • Good call on the introvert journal thing.

        I wanted to let you know I had some more thoughts on the Evil issue (can you tell I really enjoy abstract concepts) and I'd enjoy hearing what you think of what I have to say.

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