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Journal Chacham's Journal: /. Habits: Journal Comments, Foes, Reading, and Writing. 1

Well, I decided to change back to "Comments Enabled" from "No Foes". Instead of barring people from replying, I am going to try to not read at below +1. To this end, I have changed the anonymous modifier to -1, so Anonymous Coward posts will be -1, and thus not seen by me even if modded up once. And, I already had the New User modifier changing the last 1% of users to -1, thus filtering the chance of someone making a new username just to comment.

I also have been foeing anyone using an expletive in a comment, even if they were previously friended. The logic is, that this person does that in comments, and so I want to keep away from their comments. If they do it in a journal entry, I merely unfriend them, because then I don't see their JEs anyway. The one exception to all this is when a JE or comment is specifically for the purpose of discussing a related topic. I have only seen this once recently, and I did not foe the person. I don't like the word "foe" here, but it does the job effectively, and doesn't seem to bother anyone, since I doubt anyone actually modifies foe of friend.

Also of late, I've been participating much less in stories. This has gone on for a while, but it no longer is a fad by me, as much as the way I use slashdot. I read the stories, and sometimes the comments, and then I retreat to JEs.

As for long JEs and comments, I use emacs when its gets too large, for fear of losing them. I dislike doing that for two reasons. One, some excitement is given up when not just typing and sending. Two, it inserts extra carriage returns, or slashes, or is just hard to copy and paste. Yes, it can be done with less, but it is cumbersome until I actually try.

UPDATE: Silly me, i forgot to changes message notices to only include +1 and higher. Done. Now, I won't even be notified of the message, so there is much less to care about.

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/. Habits: Journal Comments, Foes, Reading, and Writing.

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