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Journal Chacham's Journal: Chronicle: Project canceled, looking for new job (4)

Friday was my last day at Ford, i left at about 12:00pm. At 1:00 i had a phone interview with Sarah, in New World Systems' HR department. She called me back later to say she had spoken with a manager, and we scheduled an interview for Monday at 2pm. The position i applied for is database centric. Seemingly, i found it via Google, landing me at showing a listing on Dice. Interesting.

After the phone interview, there was a pre-employment information sheet. In requested full employment history with interests, both career-related and otherwise. I had to call the companies i worked for for some information. Exact start and end dates, titles, and managers. Although i worked at Ford and DaimlerChrysler, i officially worked for the contracting houses. For earlier positions, i was vague. Some companies simply no longer exist.

It asks for desired salary. That's a hard one. I depends on responsibilities, venue, and the total package. I called the HR rep and asked about it. She said to put in a range, and when i was putting in an hourly rate, she reminded me this was a salaried job. Really? Oh, yeah. It's been a while, i just naturally think in hourly rates.

I asked her if i should wear a suit, or causal. In tech departments, casual rules. While i wore a suit for the DaimlerChrysler interview, my Ford interview was much less formal. Also, my "casual" is dress shirt and dress pants. Someone reminded me that casual actually means t-shirt and jeans. Oops. :)

She quickly responded that a suit was required, though i could show up without the jacket. And that interviews there are more formal. I excused myself as it having been while. But i'm still kind of glad i asked.

She told me that before the interview there are tests i can't study for. There was a pattern recognition test and whatnot. I don't remember everything she said exactly, but it came down to a series of tests or interviews as i proved to be a good fit for the company.

The pattern recognition test sounds interesting, for as an INTJ, i am an introverted intuitive. van der Hoop explains intuition as getting the entire image, or seeing a pattern without knowing what the pattern is (that requires Thinking or Feeling.

So, i got a haircut last night and now i'm wondering what the interview will be like.

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Chronicle: Project canceled, looking for new job (4)

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