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Journal Chacham's Journal: Chronicle: Project canceled, looking for new job (3) 4

Only two days left for employment. I already put my resume on the Michigan Talent Bank, and i might fill out the unemployment forms online on Friday. I think i'd still have to go in, but it simplifies the process.

I even got a call from a headhunter already. Plus, i submitted my resume to a few local places. I'm customizing my email address in the resume and during submissions. Where dice might be dice@, my resume at dice is dice.resume@. I'm curious if it'll provide anything interesting.

A friend owns a business in a hud zone, and as he employed the appropriate 35% of the people in his office from our tiny little area, he qualified for a special program. Well, two people left, so he's in middle of losing his special status.

So, he made me an offer. He needs work done in his office on his network, and i live in the hud area. So, he wants to hire me for 10 hours a week, at $10/hr to take care of it. It's not much, but its something. It's easy, and i'd love to help him out. I'd probably help him out for free, but not that many hours, and certainly not every week.

The question is, what would this do to my unemployment benefits. I believe i can file for the maximum, which i think is $362/wk. If i make $100/wk from this job, does it hurt my status? Well, i'm going to have to check it out, but it is an interesting proposition, and it benefits both of us. I guess the potential is to let small businesses know i can help them out computer-wise, and perhaps grow my own small business. It's tempting to resurrect and an old idea.

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Chronicle: Project canceled, looking for new job (3)

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  • It will help, but not as you think. It will reduce your weekly benefit to $262- BUT it will extend out the number of total weeks at the end, by one week for every three you work, approximately. You see, your unemployment award is for a total fixed amount at a MAXIMUM of $362/week.

    Working just stretches out how long it takes you to use up that fixed amount.

    • by Chacham ( 981 )

      oh, that makes sense. thanx for the explanation. i'm going to have to verify that here.

      • Yes, every state is different slightly- you need to verify that with your local unemployment office.

        But the basic idea is to encourage people to take part time work as well, in a way that doesn't cost the premium payers any extra.

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