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Journal Chacham's Journal: Chronicle: Project canceled, looking for new job (2) 11

Well, the last week starts. So many people are worried about it. I tell them i'm happy to have some time off in the summer. I can't think of a better time to look for a job.

Vacation time on its own isn't enough. A few days here or there, or a couple of weeks, then its back to the grind. Vacation is not paid time off. Those who get paid for it, are making less on other days for it. Strangely enough though, unemployment is actually paid vacation, albeit, you have to look for a job, and the "vacation" can end unexpectedly. How's that for a Pollyannish view?

I was hoping to get a job by asking family and friends. I asked two people, and was given some positions to look at, but nothing really fit. They want a java coder, or someone with PM experience, or experience with that...i'm just a SQL coder, with some administrative experience. If it's a database, i can do it.

So, this week means posting my resume on the usual job sites, and the Michigan Talent Bank, the latter being a precursor for unemployment benefits. Last time i put it there, i got a few views. Kudos to whoever put that together. I'll also be asking my supervisor to find me another position here. I may not think its perfect, but its something, and i can not accept unemployment benefits if there actually is a job offer, or if i'm not looking.

Though, if i do find something, i might negotiate a later start date. I'm not sure i can just go from one position straight to another and put in the same effort. Well, unless it's exciting, but how often do those come along? Regardless, all is negotiable.

Ideally, i want a small company in Oak Park, Southfield, or Royal Oak. That'd be within walking or riding distance. I used to work in Royal Oak, and it was great being so close to home. Well, i can dream.

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Chronicle: Project canceled, looking for new job (2)

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