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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage/Rant: Warm air puts me to sleep (3) 6

Warm air puts me to sleep. Well, in our team room, there is no fresh air. The thermostat was not working too well, the air conditioning doesn't work well when it rains, and they turn the air conditioning on later in the day.

We asked them to fix it, and after a couple times, the thermostat seems to work. This week (and last perhaps) the air was on by the time we got in, so things are going well. It gets to about 71.5, which isn't perfect, but with my fan it's bearable. I still won't be able to think perfectly well, but it's enough to get by.

Today, one guy who likes it at 78 comes i the room with a light shirt and short sleeves, walks over to the thermostat and turns it up.

I don't get it. Why don't people who like it warm put on sweaters or the like? Or at least don't wear light shirts with short sleeves! I can't take off clothes (and that wouldn't help much anyway) but they can put on clothes. We can both be happy! But nope, warm-air people refuse to put on clothes to make them warm. The room itself must be warm.

Again, i cannot work well in a warm room. I cannot do anything to make myself feel cooler other than lower the ambient temperature. They can work well in a cool room, they can also do other things to make themselves warmer.

Oh well, i guess it's back to working less and taking a lot of walks. But, wait, that's what they do too.

I'm definitely going to ask about ambient temperature or fresh air on my next job. As these people are so inconsiderate, i'm going to have to ask for this at the very beginning.

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Verbiage/Rant: Warm air puts me to sleep (3)

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  • ...but the outside weather might have something to do with it.

    My workstation is in the same room as all our servers, so it gets relatively warm in here. In the summer, it's not so bad; I can wear light clothing and such. However, when we get to winter, layering properly gets tricky, as it'll be 75-80F at my workstation, and somewhere south of 40F outside.

    I don't recall what you've actively done to address it with your coworkers/employer, but it usually works best to go in some order like this:

    1) Speak to c

    • by Chacham ( 981 )

      1) I did. We just disagreed.
      2) I brought a thermometer to show the actual temperature.
      3) This is a very large company, i doubt that will help. Plus, i may not get in my way.

      I checked, today he didn't set it up much. The other day it went up to 73.

      As for your server room, too bad. Can;t you get a window in there?

      • Plenty of windows, but that only helps when it's cooler outside than in here. :)

        • by Chacham ( 981 )

          I wrote in the last two posts or fresh air. Give me fresh air and i really don't care much what the temperature is. Under 90 is preferable so i don't sweat, but i'd easily take 95 with fresh air over 72 and no fresh air. I'd probably take the fresh air over 68 as well. Too much air conditioning can give me a headache.

  • At my last place, before we moved buildings, I was in a cube next to a scrawny, sickly lady, and of course her cube had to be next to the thermostat. She'd be literally wearing a parka, and also have the heat cranked so that it was 78 degrees in that room. Other people were propping the doors open, which is fine if you were lucky enough to have a spot near an exit.

    In general tho the temp of server rooms is too cold for me to be in all day. But for only one reason: I really don't get cold, but by the afterno

    • by Chacham ( 981 )

      I really don't get cold, but by the afternoon my fingers will be cold, making it harder to type

      I think there ares studies showing warmer temperatures improve typing. So, you aren't alone.

      But i'd take that over the heat. :)

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