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Journal Chacham's Journal: Poetic alphabetic letters 1

Just some random thoughts. Want to help?

Aye is the sound that the sailors will say,
Bees are the flies that can chase them away,
Seas are the waters they plan to set sail,
Dees ....hail.
Ease is the way that they do their jobs,
Effs .... cobs.
Gee, is the word oft said in wonder,
Aiche, blunder.
Eyes have pupils, we see all around,
Jay-walking's common, not hard to be found,
Kay, is all-right, we accept one another,
Ell ... oh brother.
Emm is the aunt that Dorothy sought,
En... taught.
Oh, is a word of despair and delight,
Peas go with carrots, a commonly sight.
Queues are the pipes, in which much can be held,
Ours is a nice one, ... meld
Ess .... cot
Tea is a drink, and most like it hot,
Ewes are sheep, their wool can be white.
Vees ... fright.
Double you, is better, you and your twin,
Ex is the person, that you did not win,
Why is the question, of the inquisitive mind,
Zees are the sound, when the day is behind.

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Poetic alphabetic letters

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  • Deez are tha knuts that you hoe's all hail!

    hahahahaha! you left yourself WIDE open for that one!

    (I think based upon my sophomoric behavior, you should probably unfriend me!) ;)

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