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Journal Chacham's Journal: Chronicle: Trying Windows offline files. 2

After Win 95, i was wondering where the briefcase went. It wasn't prominent and i never used it, so i never gave it more than a passing thought. A quick search shows Microsoft has an article on how to use it in XP.

One thing i have wanted is a network folder that is automatically kept in sync with a local copy. Local, in case the network goes down. A quick search shows shows Microsoft has an article on offline files. Other than the manual sync, this is basically what i wanted. (They even threw in the ...) As long as the networked folder is XP Pro (if XP at all), it ought to work.

Staring in my face all these years...had only i invested just an iota of effort...Anyway, i just decided to use it at the office. I want to unplug my network cable to test it, but Windows is too cranky to try anything without risking a reboot.

As home, a backup ought to do the job. I could sync the two boxen to each other, or setup an Amahi Home Server. The latter seems better. We all have different definitions of being lazy.

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Chronicle: Trying Windows offline files.

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