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Journal Chacham's Journal: Chronicle: Playing Diablo II 2

I have not been gaming lately, and i have missed it. Recently a kid (late teen) asked for a copy of Diablo II. Realizing how addictive it can be, i suggested that we play it together at my apartment. I have a second computer which i would setup for him, and we'd play together. Alternatively, i said i'd just give him the copy if he really wanted it. I think he's still debating the issue (or just ignoring the complexity).

But why should that stop me? I went ahead and installed Starcraft, Diablo, and Diablo II. I played a one vs one computer a few times as protoss vs terran and lost miserably. Considering i used to be able to handle five computer players, i've lost a lot about the game. And i'm not sure i care to get it back. I was always a horrible player against other people. When playing with friends, noone was allowed to attack me from the side. I still lost each time unless i was on a good team.

I installed Diablo and found that it doesn't support dual monitors. It just crashes unless the second monitor is disabled. I only sort of kind of want to play it especially with the Diablo jerks online.

I installed Diablo II with the expansion without a hitch and got the updates. Copied the MPQs to the installed directory to run without a CD. The graphics are outdated, but i never did play the expansion, so i decided to play. I rolled an eponymous sorceress on US East and usually play with a game name of "no point distrb". To keep out spammers, i limit the levels to exclude level 1. For example, at level 16, i set the range at 14, allowing levels 2-30 to play.

To make it interesting, i'm playing without distributing points for now. Not skill points or attribute points. The sorceress died a few times but survived Andariel without a problem. But the rogue has to be rezzed a few times.

Currently, she's level 16 (iirc) and at act 2. It seems a lot faster this time around.

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Chronicle: Playing Diablo II

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  • I've played all the way through the game and the Brood War expansion a few times. BattleNet doesn't really appeal to me as I get crushed there. But I love playing against the PC through the story. I can save, start over, etc.

    I never played Diablo. I had someone give me Starcraft, the expansion and player guides a few years ago and its the single game I've played more than any other.

    If the specs on Starcraft II fall within what I have at home, I'll be buying it.

    • by Chacham ( 981 )

      If the specs on Starcraft II fall within what I have at home, I'll be buying it.

      Same here.

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