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Journal Chacham's Journal: Chronicle/Verbiage: Eating, craving, and related. 2

Lately, i've been trying not to eat before i get home from the office. That is, only have water (for more than just my 11:30 drink), not quite fasting, but it feels good. When i do get home, i eat nearly right away, and usually snack or eat again before i go to sleep.

This isn't really dieting in the traditional sense. It's that i have more choices--better choices--at home, and meal management from a cost, time, and taste standpoint is increased. Further, it keep me away from snacking, as at home, if i eat, i eat; i don't snack as much. I have a no eating rule outside the kitchen and table area of the dining room, (primarily because of Passover, but it has many side benefits). Not even water. So, i'm stuck in an eating area to eat. Why snack when i can handle the hunger more efficiently? Well, that works most of the time.

This morning i had a craving. So, i ate a piece of hand shmura matzoh (flour and water only, probably baked in a 800-900 degree oven for a few seconds) together with a vitamin, and i was still hungry. Even after a little while. So, i went to the convenience store here at iTek (Ford building) for some licorice. I passed by the potato chips, no craving. I looked at the licorice and imagined eating the Red Vines and the Twizzlers. I sort of wanted the Red Vines, because i was in the mood for their odd flavor, but no real craving. I ended up getting the Twizzlers by default (and because i forgot to check their yoshon status, (i checked now, and they are not listed in the chodosh guide)).

Listening to my cravings has worked well. Though, i sometimes want things for psychological reasons, that is, i have an association with it, but my body does not necessarily want it.

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Chronicle/Verbiage: Eating, craving, and related.

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  • I tried Twizzlers once and almost gagged. Too strong, or maybe they're strawberry and Red Vines, what I'm used to, are cherry or something. I like strawberries plenty, but in flavoring I like cherry. Cherry Coke -> yum, strawberry Coke -> ew.

    That Red Vines come in gigantic tubfuls is my downfall. What I do to keep them fresh is immediately take them all out, and divide them between two ziplock bags. And then double bag them. (Keeps bread fresher too -- plastic bags leak a little.) Then I periodically

    • by Chacham ( 981 )

      Funny you should mention cherry coke. I was once at Dave & Busters and ordered a cherry coke. It tasted funny. She thanked me for letting he know she put it too much cherry syrup! (I then notified her that kosher customers care about the difference, luckily, the syrup was certified kosher.)

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