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Journal Chacham's Journal: Personalized Plates availibility online (Mi) And comments 5

Live in Michigan? Want a Personalized plate? Wonder if it's availible? Maybe just want something to do while waiting for Granholm to be thrown out of office. Here's your chance. Note that "o"s are changed to zeros, and that there are many reserved formats. I've had "CHACHAM", and I just renewed "INTJ". I wanted a different personalized plate, but I went into the office and being an introvert, pretty much froze up.

The basic fee is $35. A personalized plate, IIRC, is an additional $35. But to *renew* a personalized plate, is an extra $15. Why? I felt like taking a radom plate, which would cost them morre, but cost me $15 dollars less just to make the point. Oh well.

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Personalized Plates availibility online (Mi) And comments

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  • I was always wondering about that. If I ever wanted to make an excape vehicle I always thought it would be cool to make a liscence plate..


    that would keep the officer guessing for weeks. A variation would be...


    It makes you go crosseyed if you look at it long enough. Of course it wouldn't work in practice. How many Festiva's are running around with those liscence plates.
    • i used to have a festiva. i still have a special place in my heart for festivas and those who drive them. mine was a '90 with the 1.3L fuel injected engine and standard trans. it was the L, so the bumper was dark gray instead of red like the rest of the car. a guy who worked with my when i had that car called it "the red rollerskate." i bet his rollerskates couldn't go 80.

      never mind, just having a case of nostalgia there.

      • Yeah, I love those cars. Its my kind of engineering.

        I'm putting a 1.6L turbo engine from a Mercury Capri in my Festiva (the journal of how and what I'm doing is on my site I be his rollerskates couldn't do the 1/4 mile in under 14 seconds.
  • I'm not seeing a 'Reply' line in your more recent JEs. Wanna turn comments on?

    Plate-wise, I've never thought of a personalization I wouldn't find trite or uninteresting after a month.

    Best one was the ?joke? about the programmer with the old Volkswager Beetle, and the plate suggesting, "It's not a bug, it's a 'FEATUR'."

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