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Journal Chacham's Journal: Slashdot habits, wishes, and followup. 2

I added another slashdot habit. I unchecked the willing to moderate option. I wasn't really using it for anything constructive, and I'd rather not be part of that gruesome lot anyway.

As for wishes, I'd like the ability to remove Anonymous Cowards from posting in my journal, and "new" users. Limiting it to just "friends" is *way* too restrictive. And, a repeat, I want rejected stories to be submittable to my journal, so I don't have to retype. Or even a more radical idea. Make submissions be journal entries that can be submitted to the front page. That would remove "First Posts" wouldn't it? It would also give your friends the first bite. And, give the slashdot submitters more to look at, comment-wise, when deciding what to post.

I have found myself reading almost nobody's journal entries. I've read just a couple that seemed interesting. I also enjoy that. I used to really skim an entry. Now, the rare time I find the title interesting, I have more time and interest to actually read the entry.

As for titles. I think they should be written *after* the entry. That way, it'll desribe what's there, rather than what is intended to be there. I find myself re-writing title's when the intended main point became a side-point. Live and learn.

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Slashdot habits, wishes, and followup.

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  • I hadn't thought of any of those before, but they all look like great ideas. Unfortunately, the chances of them even being considered is probably close to 0 :-/. I often rewrite titles after I've written the body, or just write them after, although having the title at the bottom could well confuse users. Maybe if it was a pref. The journal entry/story submission could work, but it'd probably be best with a check box or something, otherwise editors would have to wade through even more utter crap which nobody is really interested in ("Bloat 0.5 released" anyone? ;-).

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