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Journal Chacham's Journal: How to eat sunflower seeds. And, where are the larger ones? 1

I don't know about you, but I love sunflower seeds. Whether the cheap ones that cost less than a buck for a pound, or the premium David's Sunflower seeds for more. It must have salt to be palleteable, and must be unshelled. Taking off the shell while tasting the salt is the real pleasure. The actual seed is somewhat inconsequential.

How to eat them? Well, there are three methods. The first takes some getting used to. It consists of shoveling a handful into the mouth and munching them with their shells. The shells can do a number on your stomach, but you get used to it. I used to do that with peanuts too. Though with sunflower seeds, there's no real pleasure in that.

The second method is probably the most comon. Simply, taking one seed, cracking it open, eating the seed, and spitting out the shell. It's rather time consuming, but seems to be more of a hobby.

The third method is my favorite. Taking a few at a time (probably 10-15) and putting it into the side of the mouth, between the upper left teeth and the cheek. Then, one by one, move the seed into place with the tongue, and remove the shell with the teeth. The shell should then be spit into a container, the hand, or even kept between the upper front teeth and the wall above the lips.

Whatever one does takes time to get used to. Then it become natural, and easily accomplished without much concentration.

But now, for the big big question. Or shall I say large? In the US, sunflower seeds are small. Mideastern sunflower seeds are much larger. They would be hard to eat via the latter method. They pretty much require the second method, and are easily done. Though, even them with their own twist. That is, the sunflower seed is held in between the fingers, and the front is held with the teeth. The seed is then slightly turned to crack the shell. Then, the tongue gets the seed from the shell. The shell, still in the fingers, is then discarded. I've seen people that are extremely proficient in that method. Though it only really works with the larger seeds. But why can't I find them in the US?

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How to eat sunflower seeds. And, where are the larger ones?

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  • Over here (UK) we can get big bags of *deshelled* sunflower seeds at most good food emporiums, so the problem does not arise.

    My favourite eating method? Mashed up with banana! Delicious!

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