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Journal Chacham's Journal: DS9 DVDs, other ST comments, and why do series cost so much? 4

Well, people wondering why Nemesis failed. Simple, there was no story. I don't know why it's even a question. What's everyone's favorite ST movie? Wrath of Kahn. Why? Well, first of all, Mr Rork is a good actor. Second, the story was very good. It's worthwhile movie to re-watch now and then.

As for series. TOS was good, TNG was fun. DS9 was involving, and Voyager was horrid. Though I've heard some distant rumors about some other series that came afterwards.

My favorite? DS9. Sure, not for everyone, but it's a great slow story with action mixed in (after the first few seasons). Kind of like Dragonball Z. With all the sagas, they moved *very* slowly, and that is what makes them so interesting. Watch the specials or DBGT, and the story moves so quickly, it's stupid. Cute, but stupid. (Kind of like TNG. :-)

Anyway, they killed DS9 to promote Voyager. Bad Idea. :( And worst of all, there aren't any reruns! Well, at least the DVDs are about to be availible. Amazon has it here. The first two are actually listed, but not availible. Too bad they're so expensive. I don't think I can afford it.

Why are these DVDs so expensive anyway? A movie can be sold for so much because it doesn't amount to too much anyway, and most movies are separate from one another. Series should be cheaper. Anyway, noone who hasn't seen the series would pay that much for it. So it must be for the die hard fans. Yet, even from the fans that's really expensive, so I bet most won't buy it.

Think of it this way. If you were looking for a good story to get into in a TV show, would you pay one hundred dollars just for a season? However, if they cost ten or twenty dollars would you buy a season or two? For me, I'd be tempted to buy TOS, DBZ, X-Files, and the Simpsons. But at so much each, it's ridiculous.

Oh well. I'll just have to find acquantences who have money to burn and borrow it from them.

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DS9 DVDs, other ST comments, and why do series cost so much?

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  • Because Berman and Co. lose so much money making crappy movies that they have to recover their losses somewhere...

  • I'll place TOS as the best still. Its brackish, maybe even a bit caustic. TNG had interesting stories, good charechtars but the soap opera was annoying and the beaurocracy was the tar-pit of the plots.

    DS9 was interesting, it was an entirely different show, that also used the Federation and Klingon and other elements developed in other shows. The captain was my favorite of all the shows, he was just my kind of guy. But it had one achilles heal, most of the scripts came off like collegic experimental theatre.

    Voyager had lots of interesting stuff. I think its the most under-rated of the series, but not the best. The people just got along to well for a group of mercenaries and federation people. Then they did dumb things like ran around in the Q continuum with muskets.

    I liked the last movie. Its not the plot, its not the effects, but it was the first movie that actually felt like was in the same universe as Kirk and Spock. It was interesting that most of the story happens off screen, and what they chose to focus in on (mostly Picard's supified look).

    I liked Insurrection best overall. But why it panned is obvious. Trek isn't cool anymore, and they placed it between Bond, Tolkein, and Potter at a time that people were feeling a crunch for cash. But it was a good movie, I'm glad I saw it.

  • by gmhowell ( 26755 )
    Ditto some of On Lawn's comments: Voyager was underrated (I liked it more than TNG). Nemesis was barely watchable, and much better than STV:"It Didn't Happen"

    I'm in the same boat as you: I would love to have Lexx, Farscape, and DS9 (the best of the bunch, IMNSHO), but they are prohibitively expensive. The problem is, the fanboys are willing to lay out the cash. I'd also like to amass a collection of Twilight Zone episodes (keep Outer Limits, it sucked then, it sucks even worse now).

    Oh well. Their loss.
  • I watched the original `Star Trek`, along with `Doctor Who` and `Blake's 7` when I was a kid. Unfortunately, school and college life conspired to deny me access to very much TV until I got to University, around the time `ST:TNG` started airing on UK TV. I religiously taped the shows to watch in the evenings, but that tailed off as the course progressed. I suspect it was because there were fewer and fewer episodes that really made it worth the effort of watching. I did watch a bit of `DS9` and `Voyager`, but by then I was pretty much off TV in general. To be honest, the only show that really fired my interest was `Quantum Leap`, but that soon disappeared into Schedule Hell. As for `Enterprise`, I'm sure it's not a bad show, but as far as I'm concerned it's just a knock-off.

    As for films, my faves are probably `Wrath of Khan` (kick-ass villian) and `First Contact` (the Borg!), closely followed by `The Motion Picture` (big-time visuals).

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