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Journal Chacham's Journal: Altered some of my slashdot habits (Maybe only temporarily) 7

I decided not to allow "foes" to comment in my journal. That is, the "no foes" option. For the most part, I don't want to read material that I consider offensive. Slashdot stories have only crossed the line once, so I am not too worried. As for people's journals, well, for the most part, I only read friend's journals. So, if I find something offensive, I just "unfriend" them. Simple as that. I think that is what it's there for.

Anyway, if someone posts in my journal, and either posts something that I consider offensive, their user name is offensive, or has an offensive sig, I downgrade them. If they are a friend, I unfriend them. If neutral, I foe them. I hope noone is barring "foes of friends" because I may be a problem for you.

Either way, as soon as I hit the "offensive" part, I stop reading the comment. I already skipped two comments because of that. I almost despise not knowing what people said, but I feel better sticking up for I feel to be correct (for me).

What do I consider offensive? Well, I don't have it down pat just yet. But it is simply what offends me. Mostly, that's an expletive, or sometimes too crude of a response. Eh, we'll see.

Of course, anyone who wants to tick me off can do so easily in this journal. I sure hope that noone does though, I'd hate to "have" to foe anyone that I find somewhat interesting.

Also, I've tried something else. This is not anyone's problem, so please don't take it personally. But I cannot stand it when "Subjects" are non-descriptive! So, I've given up on reading those unless they tickle me just right. I am also trying to make a concerted effort to make sure that my subject's are actually descriptive. (Please feel urged to comment in any of my journals as to what a better title would have been.) Fortunately, this has cut down on most of my journal readings. (Which may make many people happy, since I won't be posting my comments too much.) I'll see how that goes though.

And, finally, I just start giving automatic +6 to firends, and -6 to foes. This is added to my earlier decision to make funny -4. Most slashdot comment are the same, so I might as well read the comments of those I am familiar with.

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Altered some of my slashdot habits (Maybe only temporarily)

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  • (cute title, no?)

    So you should probably un-friend me- I have a penchant for throwing in an expletive here and there. Though I value the content of my friends' Journal entries (infact, I get more value from the JE's than from the front page stories... slashdot JEs are my one stop blog portal!), I still don't treat Slashdot as a whole with an enormous amount of respect; it all feels very informal to me, and has for years.

    As such, I talk like a sailor. I guess its the 13 year old in me.
    • I unfortunately use expletives to decry my frustrations or anger. Sadly, I think Chacham may be unfriending me for my profanity as well. :(

      Ah well, to each his own I say, and if that is what our friend Chacham feels he needs to do, then by all means he should.
      • I unfortunately use expletives to decry my frustrations or anger.

        You know, there are better ways, but, to each their own. I jsut don't want to be affected by that. Though, it sure is becoming more common for people to do that.

        Sadly, I think Chacham may be unfriending me for my profanity as well. :(

        As long as you don't do it my JEs, you're unlikely to be "foe"d. So, I'll always be able to enjoy your comments. And, as I mentioned in my last reply, I'll actually have to read your journal first, which is now unlikely. With my new "title" rule, I am skipping almost all JEs.

        Ah well, to each his own I say

        Exactly! I mean no bad to anyone about this. This is all about what I want to see. I just want to make sure that noone takes it personally. It's not about them, it's about me.
    • (Titles of comments don't really bother me. I sometimes with I could just ignore them. JEs, however, require good titles.)

      I'll wait until it happens. Most likely I won't read your journal anyway. though. :P So, as long as I never decide to read your journal, I won't see what bothers me, and then I can still see all your comments.

      I too find JEs interesting. Thought front page stories are better. Simply because they keep me on top of things. I know what's "going on" because I read slashdot.

      As for why I act this way, I guess I am becoming a grumpy old man. Sure sounded like it when I re-read this JE. :-) I've got about one month left before I hit thirty, so it's probably somewhat inevitable.
      • oh I don't just mean my JE, I mean pretty much everything that spews forth from my fingers.

        Actually, my JE's tend towards the pretty lame side...

        You bring up a good point- the front page does keep me up to date. And if I miss it one day, I can be sure that any articles of interest will get repeated the next!

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