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Journal Chacham's Journal: SQL Server: Startup links, hints, and related.

Now that i am using SQL Server, i best learn the trade. I've been looking for blogs and forums to follow, documentation to (eventually) read, and tips and tricks of the trade. It'll be a journey, made artificially harder as i keep looking back to Oracle.

One blog had five nice posts on SQL Server Management Studio's (SSMS) "lesser known features": 1
5. Very helpful, including the shortcut list.

For me, changing the revocation checking in Internet Settings, sped up the start time considerably. Removing the splash screen, and starting with a query window open, for me, makes it easier to use. The next thing i want to work on is automatic logging into the one database. Well, -s and -d give me what i want in the query window, but object explorer still requires a login. Not too terrible though.

In Oracle i prefer the command line. In SQL Server, where i find SQLCMD to be cumbersome, SSMS looks like the way to go.

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SQL Server: Startup links, hints, and related.

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