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Two quickies

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  • Re - snowballs; it makes sense, however I expect it takes the fun out of launching a sneak attack on someone. Perhaps the pupils could identify themseves in some way if they wish to participate in snowball fights. This could prove itself to be overly complicated, and could possibly alienate pupils. Of course, as this is England we're talking about, I doubt it makes much difference anyway - there wouldn't be any snow ;).

    Re - gaping holes; am I the only person who thought it would be a goatse link?
  • Perhaps I need to get my mind out of the gutter, but I found that to be quite the interesting read... perhaps I've been looking at too much pr0n that banky posts in #slashdot...
    • I had the same initial thought as you when I read this journal entry! I checked the url before clicking, but was still a bit tentative about it just in case... (I still clicked on it though.)
  • Wouldn't the snow ball permission issue simply turn into a case of who is more trustworthy...I mean I could easily throw one at you without asking and then tell the teacher that you said it was ok. Then when you complain I could insist that you were just mad because I was better at it then you.

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