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Journal Chacham's Journal: Chronicle: Car towed due to expired plates 10

May 5th (Monday) when we got home from the office (we carpool), there was a yellow sticker on my car's back window. Apparently, i hadn't renewed my plates. My birthday was March first, so i was just over two months overdue, and quite frankly, i can't even remember what i did. I usually take care of these things.

My upstairs neighbor asked one of the people who works at the complex what was going on. He responded that the complex has a towing company that comes by now and then, to remove cars that are not supposed to be there and the like, including expired plates. Apparently, they came around on Monday and tagged me.

The tag does not easily come off. Indeed, the last time this happened (a few years ago, perhaps) they put on an annoying sticker. I scraped most of it off, but there is residue there even today. So, with this one, i took a moment or two, realized it was the same stuff, and left it.

My next action should be to get my new plates. The Secretary of State is open late on Wednesdays, for the convenience of people who find it difficult to come in middle of the day. Great, i was planning on going perhaps today or Friday, as on Friday i'd be home earlier.

In the meanwhile, i drove my car this morning, though i was back to leave with the carpool.

Well, i just received a call (today, Wednesday, May 7th) from a friend and neighbor that my car was being towed. There was a police car as well. Apparently, i did not have as much time as i thought.

Now i guess i have to figure out what i need to get my new plates. My license, registration, and proof of insurance are in the glove compartment, though i should have an extra insurance sheet in my drawer.

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Chronicle: Car towed due to expired plates

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  • Well, at least they are being efficient.

    What an annoyance. I was living at an apartment a while back and had something similar. I went to the office and told them I'd have the car registered within the week. But we hadn't driven the car at all in the past couple months anyways. Well, go old Michigan tacks on a big'ole fine for not regiestering. And that sticker, well, it pretty much stuck to the window as a permenant fixture and was there up to the day we sold it.
    • by Chacham ( 981 )
      Thanx for the reply.

      Someone i wonder why we have an administration. I think they used to protect us, though, they may have just rewritten to history books.
  • I only have experience with Oregon and California, but I know from my own, and friends, experiences that late registration is dealt with through a fix-it ticket. You have 30 days to fix it or the fines explode. I think the question to ask is how much money does the tow company make? Likely it is in their best interest to tag and tow every such car they can find.
  • This definitely shows the benefit of owning one's own home. (At least, not living in a shared space). No tow company is going to pull my private property off my private property without a lawsuit. ;-)

    My experience has been that as long as I paid the registration, even if I left the new stickers off the plates, no-one cared. I was at a stop light once, and watched the officer in my rear-view mirror call in the plate. Since it was paid up, he didn't bother me about it.

    • by Chacham ( 981 )
      Thanx, for the report. That's good to know.

      It seems to have stopped raining, so i'll probably walk to the SoS soon.

  • Indeed, the last time this happened...

    Is it up to you in your state to remember when your registration requires renewal?

    In California we get mailed a bill every year. Except after your car is 6 years old, they don't even ask for a smog check, so it's simply write a check and mail it before the due date, just like all of one's monthly bills.
    • by Chacham ( 981 )
      Is it up to you in your state to remember when your registration requires renewal?

      The state reminds us.

      Though, i put it aside at first, and get to it later, like most bills. Though, every now and then one falls through the cracks.

      It doesn't help that the online payment is confusing (to me).
      • In my bedroom I have a pretty monthly calendar on the wall next to the chair that I keep my shoes under. Every day I go to put on my shoes I sit in that chair, and while I'm tying them I look up at my calendar to see what's coming in the weeks ahead. For any bill that arrives that is not due with that month's monthly bills, I scribble on my calendar to mail it on a certain day, and then pin it to my bulletin board. Else it goes in the pile with the rest of "this month's" bills.

        Also, I always have my house p
        • by Chacham ( 981 )
          Not a bad idea.

          I would like to use a program for similar items, but the printout is nice for others.

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