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Journal Chacham's Journal: Harry Potter 2 5

Just some thoughts. I have not read the book, so it's movies only for me. Also, I mix the actors and the characters when I think about it, since both are what I see at the same time.

I disliked the first movie. Basically, I thought it was stupid, and not really worth watching except for a cute scene here or there. Overall the story, and the main actor's (Harry Potter) acting was rather poor.

I was delightfully surprised by this second movie. There is a clear plot, humor spread nicely, an excellent musical accompaniment, and Harry did a much better job at acting.

The musical accompaniment of any movie has the power to control moods. I always try to fight that because I like to be in control of my moods. But when the scenes are done well, and the music fits well, I find my fight to bear no fruits. Maybe that's what I liked about this movie so much. I wonder.

Again, Hermione was portrayed as an INFJ, and done very well. By far the best actor in the movie. There are some good portrayals done, but I find her performance to shine. The only thing I didn't like was at the end when everyone was clapping at the cancellation, she expressed displeasure. That was a big mistake. Hermione is not a know-it-all. Know-it-alls like to know all and show off. It would even bother them if you knew as much as they did. Also, they have no feelings to be hurt by a small comment (except their own low self-esteem). Hermione is an INFJ, which means that she (like any INJ) expects perfection of herself and others. When others make mistakes she tries to correct them for *their* sake, not to show off. Well, the INFJ for their own sake, the INTJ for the sake itself (that no mistake should exist). That is why she cries when people make fun of her. They don't understand, and as any INJ, she is hyper-sensitive. Well, all NFs are hypersensitive, but the NTs generally are not. However, the INTJ, is somewhat strangely hyper-sensitive. So, Hermione wouldn't care so much about the cancellation. I think the comment was a mistake. Sure, it was one small comment, but it shows that someone misunderstood the INFJ. My fear is that it will grow in later movies. Oh well.

Ron Weasly got more time in this movie. A friend said she liked him better in the first movie. I presume because he says less and has more cute facial expressions. In this one he talks and acts more, and I like that. I feel like I'd like someone like him as a friend. I find his acting convincing, and enjoyable.

The plot itself was silly. The story was interesting with the history, but the way it was done I found lacking in excitement.The Chamber of Secrets, isn't. It's a chamber, but not of secrets. Also, the change of heart as to what he wants to do, and the deliverance of the package was strange. No worse than many other movies, but certainly not exceptional. Again, oh well.

Malfoy, does a really good job of being a young evil upstart. It's cute in a way. It wasn't perfect, but it was really good. It's too bad he didn't do more. Nothing like a good piece of evil. Malfoy's father was good too. He was dressed well.

Interesting that there was a Phoenix in there. I wonder how many people will think that it's a Harry Potter thing, and hasn't been around in stories for thousands of years.

The boys grew up so their voices are deeper, but Hermione grew up after the movie, so she'll be taller in the next movie, or so I think.

Anyway, overall, it was a good movie, and worth seeing. Better than I expected, and I like that.

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Harry Potter 2

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  • was exactly from the book.
    • was exactly from the book.

      Thanx for the note.

      Unfortunately, that just means that it was the author who made the mistake. She seems to have gotten a chartacter almost perfectly on target though. Unlike Harry, however, who seems to act out of character now and then.
      • The author of the book just penned some bedtime stories she invented to tell her kids (if the bios are true). It's no surprise that she isn't a professional writer. It's also no surprise that she is having trouble cranking out book number five. Her well is dry. Luckily for her, her 15 minutes of fame are paying well.

        (Don't take this as saying I didn't enjoy the books. Far from it. But J.K. Rowling is lucky on the scale of lottery winner.)
        • It's also no surprise that she is having trouble cranking out book number five. Her well is dry.

          Yeah, but she could probably ask for suggestions now. The fans probably all want to see something, and she could easily talk to them for hints.

          The author of the book just penned some bedtime stories she invented to tell her kids (if the bios are true).

          Like Charles Dodgeson who created stories for the Liddel kids, and ended up writing the Alice in Wonderland stories. But, he did only write two stroies on that line.

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