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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: Accounts using mailinator addresses

Lately, i have been checking the Oracle Forums, more specifically, the SQL and PL/SQL Forum. It's a good source of information, and, IMO, has a considerably nicer atmosphere than the usual Oracle newsgroups.

When i first logged in, it was just to "check it out", so, i chose a mailinator address and registered using some silly name. After a few days, when i realized i'd probably be there for a while, i changed the name to my real name and the email address to a more private address, though, the login name and password email still go to mailinator. Firefox didn't try saving my password. Perhaps i'm just not trying to think about it, but it doesn't matter much to me.

Because of that, when i go for my morning read of the forums, i click the "Lost your password?" link, and mail my account my password. I figure that it is unlikely that anyone would guess my account email (not that noone could, it just seems unlikely that anyone would). Ultimately, however, i don't care that much about it. And after getting my randomized password, the login is valid for the day.

Well, today, when looking at the mailinator, i decided to have some fun. That is, type in random email addresses to see if they were used. Like billgates, bob, or qwerty, or whatever else comes to mind. Most seem to have spam. That was, until i tried one more. That one had a Tribal Wars activation code and login.

Well, so much for that. Now to figure out why my email at mailinator isn't showing any email.

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Verbiage: Accounts using mailinator addresses

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