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Journal Chacham's Journal: Nonsense: No emacsville, but we do have Novi. 6

I have never heard of Emacsville, but i do know of Novi, even if they do have a stupid URL.

I wonder if we can get them to change their name. Stallman would have a fit, demanding a rename to GNU Emacsville, and open sourcing the budget. Not that it would be such a bad idea, but i'm get the feeling that doom would be looming somwhere.

Then again, i probably despise vi more than i like emacs. Hmm... maybe it actually is a good name. Who would have thought?

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Nonsense: No emacsville, but we do have Novi.

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  • Joe [], er.. Joe []

    Yes, as a matter of fact, I did cut my teeth on WordStar on my Osborne CP/M machine.... ;-)

    • by Chacham ( 981 )
      Heh, cute. Very cute Degrees. :)

      I remember WordStar. But that was under DOS. Before that i played on the Apple ][e.
      • by Degrees ( 220395 )
        I never really got to use an Apple ][. One of my friends had one - and he was a better tech than I. He had it while I was in high school. I didn't get the Osborne for another year or two. I remember him explaining how happy he was that he got some sort of an upgrade, and now the machine did both upper AND lower case letters.

        I did use WordStar on DOS - I even bought an upgrade called Le Print that let us (my Dad and I) embed fancy font and printing effects. By adding codes, Le Print could output text in al

        • by Chacham ( 981 )
          Ya beat me. :)

          Besides, i was in grade school when my brother bought his Apple ][e. But wow, that was a great computer. I believe we got the "enhanced" version of 128k from the stand 64, and we had a sticker over the green light to prove it! Ooh!
          • by Degrees ( 220395 )
            As I recall, my friend did have a lot more fun with his Apple ][ than I had with my Osborne. But the Osborne landed me my first programming job, so I'm not complaining. ;-) There were no games made for the Osborne, although I typed one in from the Osborne magazine. But the code from it let me write a silly little banner program that said "Happy Birthday Mom" on the screen. Programming that was a lot more fun for me, than watching it was for my mom. ;-)

            • by Chacham ( 981 )
              Programming that was a lot more fun for me, than watching it was for my mom.

              Heh, i hear ya. I had some fun with BASIC, but not quite the same.

"I'm a mean green mother from outer space" -- Audrey II, The Little Shop of Horrors