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Journal Chacham's Journal: Oracle: 10g XE, Blogs, and a comment from OOW2K7 2

Not having read the front page in over half a year (except rarely in a friend's cubicle when he was reading) i feel lost on tech news. Well, working with Oracle now, it is interesting to read about it. I'm not a DBA, so i installed 10g XE in order to play with it as DBA would, and do things otherwise restricted from me, such as using DATABSE LINKs between our different instances. Just being able to debug via something like INSERT INTO Staging@Dev SELECT * FROM Staging@Prod; makes life so much easier.

As for interest in reading blogs, Oracle users have a number of their own. Most that i have found are way above my level of understanding Oracle, but there's always a nugget on my level. The bloggers--similar toThe Oak Table--spend a good deal of time patting each other on the back, but their posts are highly informative, and ultimately, it is nice to see that they give credit where it is due.

I have two "problems" reading the blogs, however. One is that there is so much there, and individual bloggers blog irregularly. The second is that there is a history of articles, i almost want to read them all, but i never would, even if i could. Besides, some posts no longer apply, but there is no way of knowing that.

For the former, Pete Finnigan has an Oracle blog aggregator that ought to make life easier.


Reading the blogs brought me to this recent entry from Andrew Clarke about OOW2K7 with an interesting point

There are now over fifteen hundred enterprises using Oracle's Linux support. The VM server is Linux but it's a new Linux, not the Red Hat code-base which underpins Unbreakable Linux"

and the cute

Somebody asked, apropos of the Sunday Night Live event, whether Larry had more fun as a start-up or now. The answer was that he much prefers his current situation. Which just isn't fair: he earns gobs of money and enjoys his job more than ever. He only lost his cool once, with a person who attempted to suggest that the profit from Microsoft sales went to the Gates Foundation. Larry cut him off. After acknowledging Bill's generosity he said, "The Gates Foundation is fully funded. If you buy a copy of Microsoft Word the money doesn't go to a person in Peru." Not unless Steve Ballmer has a holiday villa in Lima.

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Oracle: 10g XE, Blogs, and a comment from OOW2K7

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