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Journal Chacham's Journal: Slayers (Anime) 3

I don't know how many of you watch I-Channel, care about DBZ, or even DBGT. Howerver, right after GT is Slayers with the hero Lina Inverse.

There's something I noticed. I noticed a lot of Hebrew in the episodes. At first I dismissed it, but I'm really wondering if it's coincidence or not.

The city of Seyruun is protected from black magic (represented by a five pointed star) with a six pointed star, commonly referred to as the Star Of David. Next to the menorah (cadelabrah) it is probably the most recognized Jewish symbol.

In some episodes they also show explanations which have a series of six pointed stars, and in these stars are Hebrew letters. I paused the VCR but couldn't make any sense of it. I wonder if it is transliterated (using one langhuage's letters to spells words in another). Since the transliteration would be Japanese, I'd be at a loss.

Anyone care to comment?

On another note, the graphics aren't all that good, except the fire at the beginning, which looks amazingly realistic. It is a strange comedy, but it has made me laugh very hard now and then. The opening song has a nice tune, and I even find myself humming it now and then. Though, overall, I am not even sure why I watch it. Any other fans out there?

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Slayers (Anime)

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  • I can get you the entire series, I have the movies as well, OAVs and such, including one that is a darn good English dub.

    The series owns, though Slayers Next is faaar better, I recommend watching them in the order of Slayers Next, Slayers, and then Slayers Try.

    I need to redownload them as AVIs though, those 50meg RMs are, err, 'begining' to show their age, hehehehe. Hey they where hotstuff when I first got'em! :)

    (of course you can also just, uh, legaly buy them imported, but....

    *wonders off whistling*
    • Hey I'd love to get 'em. And if you know Japanese maybe we can figure out what the messages are. :P
      • Hehe, there are plenty of Slayers fan-sites out there. ^_^ Though in all likelyhood it is just the Japanese playing with the Juedo-Christian mythos, they do seem to enjoy doing that. :)

        Watch EVA some time, LOL! Tons of Biblical references in there. People have spent YEARS discovering more and more Biblical references in that thing!

        Basic premise of EVA is that "Angels" are coming down to the earth to end mankind and that Humans are fighting back with sacriligious abominations of those Angels. Well that is ONE interpetation, your own will vary. :)

        I noticed that you do not appear to have an ICQ or AIM account, have an FTP server you want them dropped off at or anything?

        If you really like the Anime genre drop me a line (I am pretty much Com2Kid all over the place, just stand out in the middle of the 'Net and yell my name, I'll hear ya sooner or later. :) ), I have around 78GB of the stuff and am getting more every day. :)

        Let me grab some HQ Slayers files (I have been meaning to replace the last of those RM files on my HD anyways, heh, to think that RealVideo was once cutting edge!!!

        ok wait, pause mid paragraph there. That thought alone is scary enough.




        Yah, err, I really need to get these things off of my hard drive. :)

        *queues up the entire Slayers and Slayers Next series in his favorite P2P program*

        There, those should be done in a day or two. :)

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