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Journal Chacham's Journal: Slashdot wishes (save (draft comments, rejected stories)) 7

1) Have the ability to save a draft of a comment, so it can be written from multiple locations, and isn't destroyed when IE or Mozilla crashes.

2) Allow rejected stories to be resubmitted in the user's own journal without having to retype it all.


I'm lucky I've been writing comments to OnLawn in notepad. IE crashed on me, and it takes a while to respond to him.

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Slashdot wishes (save (draft comments, rejected stories))

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  • I had browser crashes three times in a row before that last one I wrote you. The problem is that they were much better thought out, and more congenial. In the end I decided to just be quick and answer in short quips, and that one took.
    • I had browser crashes three times in a row before that last one I wrote you.

      I know the feeling. Trust me, it's happened. That why when I know I have to spend a few minutes responding, and a good response takes me a while, I use notepad or emacs to save the file.
    • Browser crashes? what's that? /me using Mozilla 1.3 nightly

      • Don't get too proud, I was using Mozilla 1.2
        • So what were you doing? Have you reported a bug? Sincerely, Mozilla hasn't crashed in months here (I'm using Linux), except I was trying to reproduce a crasher bug. And it would just crash while you are typing in /.? I just can't explain. Sometimes, even the best software crashes, because the box it is running on is highly unstable. I had similar problems on my windows 98 before I switched to Linux. Don't take this as a flame war (I don't even know if you are on win or lin) ;-)

          • There are a lot of things I don't think you can explain. There is much to learn in this sojurn we call life.

            The trick is that in the mean time to try not to let a few crashes get to any ego-machina superiority complexes we might have.
          • If I open too many tabs and hit something that makes my pII 333 go crazy, mozilla crashes. At least it's better than netscape that froze whevever I inserted a CRLF through cut&paste.

            Mozilla is nice, but it cannot be trusted not to crash when time is spent writing something.

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